'Welcome to Plathville': Fans debate if Kim and Barry Plath have changed their ways

'Welcome to Plathville': Fans debate if Kim and Barry Plath have changed their ways
Kim and Barry Plath on 'Welcome to Plathville' (TLC)

For the Plaths, they've certainly come a long way since Season 1 of 'Welcome To Plathville'. Each of them has had to deal with their own trials and tribulations, the biggest one being that the oldest children started to rebel against their parents' ways and finally set out on a path of their own. 

Fans watched as Ethan and Olivia moved out and confronted Kim and Barry regarding their behavior. Their marriage deteriorated, but the two stayed focused and worked on themselves and their relationship. Meanwhile, Micah and Moriah also left home and began pursuing independent careers in modeling and singing. Kim and Barry seemed to have grown more understanding towards what Micah and Moriah want, allowing them to bend their relationship. But with the season finale here, the question remains, what about their relationship with Ethan and Olivia?


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Ethan and Olivia, after endless fights, separation and living apart have finally begun to work on their marriage. Between seeing a counselor and learning each other's love languages, they seem to have grown. Ethan admits that he's come to his own terms with regard to moving, as he believes there is a lot more for him to do, see and learn beyond Cairo.

He spoke about how he doesn't want Olivia to be 'the neck that moves the head', a line he once used while talking to his mother. He stated that for a while she was, but now, his choices are his own. Olivia, Ethan, Max and Moriah all decide to move to Tampa, like Micah takes off to LA to pursue an acting career. The episode also saw Lydia graduating from high school and while there was a party for her, Ethan and Olivia had her taken aside in order to wish her, as they didn't want to confront Kim and Barry.

But seeing that there was a big move coming up, Olivia thought it was time she addressed them in order for her and Ethan to say goodbye. The situation was cordial enough and even though there was some tension, it seemed like a step in the right direction.

While Kim and Barry came across as supportive during finale, fans remained unconvinced, seeing that they still have a stronghold on Lydia and the other kids living under their roof. "Kim is juvenile and manipulative. Ethan is right about Barry. His balls are in Kim’s purse. #welcometoplathville" tweeted a fan. "I can’t give props to Barry and Kim after watching them berate their 17 year old daughter for texting a guy she likes. The only growth I see is for the camera. #welcometoplathville" tweeted a fan. "Kim and Barry are weirding me out. How are they so regular now? Maybe they actually watched their own show? #welcometoplathville" tweeted a fan. "Again…why was Lydia saddles with the whole houses responsibilities? What the heck were Kim and Barry doing? Oh that’s right judging their children and being overall bad parents #welcometoplathville" argued a fan.









However, some fans strongly disagreed, stating that Kim and Barry had come a long way since when the show that started. "I don’t have a problem with Kim and Barry (ok he’s a little creepy). But they’re no different than most parents. Parents are strict with their kids. And the kids don’t like it. DUH!#welcometoplathville" tweeted a fan. "You can say what you want, but Kim and Barry have grown by leaps & bounds. This is a totally different from when the show started. They have their beliefs but aren't hammering them in as hard. " added another. "Funny how majority of hate towards Barry and Kim Is from people who have no children. All parents make mistakes, just like kids. It's all about how you move forward." tweeted a fan. "I don`t understand why people continue to bash Kim and Barry, obviously they are trying. Maybe they did not know better, but they clearly learned from their mistakes. Ethan is weak and taking cue from his vindictive wife, hence his selfish attitude. #welcometoplathville" stated a fan. 









What do you think? Have Kim and Barry changed for better or for worse? Sound off in the comments below!

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