'Welcome To Plathville' Fan Review: Ethan pulls a shocker, confronts Olivia about move

Fans are glad that he is standing up for himself when it comes to moving away and even stood up to his mother, Kim.

                            'Welcome To Plathville' Fan Review: Ethan pulls a shocker, confronts Olivia about move
Ethan and Olivia as seen on 'Welcome To Plathville' (TLC)

For the Plaths, their internal family struggle seems to be getting messier by the season. From the initial confrontation to the refusal to sort the matter out, there appears to be no solution in sight for Ethan and his parents. And while the conflict continues, the rest of the siblings are caught in the middle.

To add to it, Ethan and Olivia's marriage is possibly crumbling faster than expected. With each passing episode, it's rather evident that the couple wants very different things out of life and possibly will not be able to live happily if they are to live with each other. While Moriah and Micah try to make the most of their situations, they too often find themselves stuck in the middle.


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In this week's episode, fans were treated to an unlikely interaction, seeing that Max took Lydia to help him buy Moriah a promise ring. Lydia opened up about her won love life to Max, who weighed in on her situation. Fans were glad to see that she could open up to someone besides her mother. But speaking of Kim, fans were quick to note her double standards, seeing that Max was allowed to be around the Plath kids, but her own son, Ethan was forbidden from doing so.

"I think the Max and Lydia relationship is sweet. He's like a big brother who wasn't raised by the Plaths #WelcomeToPlathville" tweeted a fan. "So Kim trusts Max enough for Lydia to leave with him, but she wouldn't let Ethan be around his siblings unsupervised. The double standard is glaring. #welcometoplathville" added a fan.





Speaking of Ethan, he and Micha decided to spend some time golfing. When they realised they'd require Barry clubs, they decided to call xx to join them, as Ethan hadn't seen his younger brother in a while. Kim insisted that they pick him up from the house itself and Ethan was ready to drop the entire plan, as he was not going to give in to his mother's power moves. But Micah suggested that he could go get his brother instead. His actions shocked Kim and Micah did feel a sense of victory over his mother's manipulative ways. 
While some fans felt as though Ethan was in the wrong, others defended his choices 

"I don't blame Ethan for not putting up with Kim's lil manipulative power moves. You don't have to eff with folk. Family and parents included. #welcometoplathville" tweeted a fan. "Exactly. Hes Mentally and Emotionally broken from what his parents put him through. Hes figuring things out on his own and doesnt want his parents to have any control over him or his decisions what so ever. Anymore! #WelcomeToPlathville" argued a fan. "Kim acts as though she doesn't realize that the problem with Ethan is all her doing. Not allowing him to see his siblings and being horrible to his wife are things not conducive to a good relationship. #welcometoplathville" agreed another.







The rest of the episode was Ethan and Olivia have some very tough conversations, seeing that they both seemed to realise that they might not be able to save their marriage. While Olivia insisted that she wanted to live in a city and that Tallahassee was a compromise, Ethan was vocal about how he felt and didn't want to move to someplace big as he preferred smaller, rural towns. Ethan, who doesn't like to talk about his feelings, opened up and even pointed out that although they had spoken about moving, it was a long drawn plan. To him, Olivia had changed a lot from the person he had married. Seeing that he often keeps things bottled inside, fans were glad that he found his voice and vocalised his concerns  

"#welcometoplathville I hate to say it but Ethan and Olivia are on completely different pages on how to live their lives. I don't see this relationship lasting because both are so miserable and whoever gives in is going to resent the other" pointed out a fan. "Now why does Olivia keep packing when they have nowhere to move to and haven't even decided about moving yet...it feels kind of passive aggressive and manipulative to me #welcometoplathville" added another.  "I'm super proud of Ethan this episode. He has been seeing things for how they are now. I wish Olivia would be more receptive when he talks to her and calls her out. She isn't wanting to compromise. #welcometoplathville" added a fan. 







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