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'Welcome to Plathville' fan review: Fans concerned over Lydia being 'brainwashed'

While Ethan and Olivia's marriage faces issues, Kim continues to control Lydia's life
Lydia as seen on 'Welcome to Plathville' (TLC)
Lydia as seen on 'Welcome to Plathville' (TLC)

With each passing episode of 'Welcome to Plathville', the older Plath kids continue to struggle in various ways. Ethan and Olivia's issues with Barry and Kim have caused them to distance themselves, while Lydia struggles with between listening to her parents and wanting to live a normal life as a teen. 

For Ethan and Olivia, tensions between them are still running high, as they can't seem to agree on moving to Tallahassee. While Olivia wants to move away from his parents, Ethan would rather stay in the same town.


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The two of them continued to argue all through the episode. While fans had conflicting opinions, often blaming Ethan or Olivia, others stated that their upbringing was truly holding them back as they were not ready to deal with the pressure of marriage. 

"Ethan and Olivia are a prime example of church kids who get married super young because they wanted to have sex. Now they are stuck being married, and they have nothing in common. #WelcomeToPlathville" tweeted a fan.


They both argued about compromise, with Olivia stating that she feels like she has done so regularly and that this move was necessary. Ethan asserted that it would affect his work, and he didn't want to move altogether. The couple met up with Max, Moriah and Micah to go to a skating rink, and everyone could tell that Ethan's mood was off. However, as the group began to have fun, Ethan lightened up, and he and Olivia even had a conversation, where he was apologetic about his behavior. The two seemed to have made their peace, for now. Despite their differences, fans were still hoping for the best. 

"I personally hate to see Ethan & Olivia fight or go through issues. I feel like she really loves him & just wants whats best for him & their relationship, even if that means dealing with all his mental battles that arent his fault. #WelcomeToPlathville"


When it comes to Lydia, Kim seems to influence her choices and decisions still. Kim and Barry both agreed that she should stop texting her crush, to which Lydia complied. Lydia understands that they want what's best for her, and as long as she's under their roof, she is to respect their decisions. She even cited the Bible, saying that it was her duty to honor her parents. But as always, fans thought otherwise. "I really hate when people misinterpret scripture honoring your parents has nothing to do with letting them choose who you want be with. Brainwashed#welcometoplathville" tweeted a fan.


 Lydia was in touch with her crush's sisters, and according to her, that would have to suffice, even though she really wanted to talk to him. Fans were concerned that she might be beyond redemption at this point. "Lydia so sweet and brainwashed. It will take a lot to undo that damage brought on by her crazy parents. #welcometoplathville" tweeted a fan. 


Whereas Moriah, who was gearing up for a first concert, reached out to Olivia in hope that she would perform as a part of the band. Olivia agrees, as she wants to support Moriah's career, but only on the condition that Kim and Barry won't be in attendance. She acknowledges that she's putting Moriah in a tough spot, as she wants her siblings there, but for Olivia, these boundaries are important. Moriah makes the tough call and picks Olivia over her parents, even though she's not thrilled to have to do so. But for her, Olivia is a reliable person to have around, especially during her first live gig. Fans felt that it was a rather unreasonable request to make. "Of course Barry and Kim are going to be at Moriah's gig as their her parents and it's a big night for her. Quit trying to control everyone and everything, Olivia. Your almost as bad as Kim. #WelcomeToPlathville" tweeted a fan. 


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