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'Welcome to Plathville': Ethan Plath shares horrific puberty story, viewers say parents 'stunted the kids'

Ethan never had the talk about sex with his parents and that has left viewers shocked
Olivia, Ethan (TLC)
Olivia, Ethan (TLC)

Ethan Plath is definitely a kid in a candy store as he navigates through the city of Los Angeles, California. It's an escape of sorts for him and wife Olivia and an opportunity for them to reconnect on a different yet interesting level. As they drive around the city, Ethan learns of new things, which intrigue him to a point where Olivia is left surprised that he had no idea of it earlier on. 

We saw Ethan get goofy about two pairs of chopsticks, which he said, would appear like a fork if the stems were joined to form one single handle. Olivia was amused, but not as much as when he shared the story about when he masturbated for the first time and that too with his parents seated on the chairs he crawled under.

Ethan was 13-years-old, it was a Sunday and in the middle of the church. At first, he thought something was wrong with him, but later realized that 'it felt good.' What was surprising was Ethan never had 'the talk' with his parents. Not on puberty or anything about sex until he got to know about it all on the eve of his wedding. 

Meanwhile, fans have weighed in with their thoughts on the incident and a lot of them feel that the parents - Kim and Barry - are to be blamed for stunting the growth of their kids.

"Give it up for Ethan Plath for recounting that horrific puberty story on cable television #welcometoplathville," a fan commented, while another shared: "It’s honestly sad that Ethan was embarrassed and ashamed of his sexuality growing up #WelcomeToPlathville." 



"Ethan is so adorably naive. I love how honest he is about everything. I sometimes feel a little guilty for getting any kind of amusement or enjoyment out of his stories about his warped upbringing. #WelcomeToPlathville," a viewer expressed. "And that's why you talk to your kids about sex and their bodies. So they don't masturbate in church #welcometoplathville."



"#WelcomeToPlathville did I hear Ethan say he got a boner in church? Those rotten parents really stunted these kids," a fan shared.


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