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'Welcome to Plathville' Season 2 Finale: Can Ethan and Olivia save their marriage? Family drama ends on sweet note

With Ethan putting in the effort to make his marriage work, all the drama of Season 2 of ' Welcome to Plathville' ends on a happy and cheerful note
Olivia and Ethan (TLC)
Olivia and Ethan (TLC)

The season finale of 'Welcome to Plathville' is finally here and viewers are in for a heartfelt episode. Season 2 has been a roller coaster — from Ethan and Olivia's marriage facing the heat, the couple butting heads with the family's patriarch and matriarch, to Lydia being torn between her ideals and her siblings, and finally, Micah and Moriah moving out.

It seems like the Plaths' carefully-created world is crumbling apart, with the older kids fully ready to go out there and make it in the real world. Viewers have always been critical about the rules Kim and Barry imposed on their kids. Even the way they treated Ethan's wife, Olivia, was something that didn't sit well with fans.

Olivia, who struggled to be a part of the family of 11, was constantly at the receiving end of Kim's remarks and criticism. It eventually put a strain on the couple's relationship. However, Ethan, who was determined to make his marriage work realized that the issue was, in fact, his parents. If his marriage was to last and be successful, the couple needed to distance themselves from Kim and Barry.

This decision did not go down well with Kim and Barry, which ultimately left Ethan with a hard choice to make — he had to either pick his marriage or his siblings. Ethan chose his marriage, which now meant he could only see his siblings during larger family outings.

Suddenly, the family of 11 was torn into three groups — Ethan and his wife Olivia, Micah and Moriah and Kim, Barry and the kids. Micah and Moriah choose to move out and start their own lives. If anything, the season finale proves that although the family is "torn" apart, it might be for the best.

Ethan and Olivia — where do they stand?

Ethan and Olivia really seemed to have struggled at the start of the season to make their marriage work. It almost seemed like there was no end in sight for the couple's issues. But moving out and starting off on their own might just be the glue that holds the two together. The season finale saw Ethan really making an effort to make his marriage work, convincing viewers that he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep Olivia in his life and keep her happy.

The episode sees Ethan book a couple's relationship building session for Olivia and him. But what he didn't realize is that it was a holistic healing session, seeing that there was tantra involved. Ethan, who has had a very strict Christian upbringing, seemed closed off to the idea when the couple met their tantra instructor. He even refused to take off his shoes, assuming it was a ritualistic action.

However, over the course of their session, Ethan opens up to the idea, seeing that this session might be just what they need. When asked about what Olivia means to him, his instant response is "everything".

Olivia and Ethan (TLC)

The couple shares an intimate moment, as they stare deeply into each other's eyes — leaving Olivia in tears and Ethan looking more in love than he ever has. It's heartwarming to see Ethan put in the effort to make things right between him and Olivia — he even surprises her with a picnic while she's at the beach working on rebranding her business as a wedding photographer.

Ethan is beaming the entire time, excited to see his wife in her element and inaction, while Olivia is happy to see her husband put in the effort. They cheer to their future, when Ethan reveals another surprise — he gives Olivia a ring.

Olivia  (TLC)

He goes on to tell her that the ring is his promise to give her the wedding she's always wanted, seeing that her wedding ring has bad associations with it since Kim had a lot to do with it.

Olivia, who hasn't worn either her wedding or engagement ring in a while gets emotional — she didn't think Ethan would get her a replacement as quickly as he did. The couple seems ready for a fresh new start. It looks like the oldest Plath child might have just saved his marriage after all.