VIXX's Ravi to DELETE controversial track 'Red Velvet', apologizes for reference to K-pop girl group

Ravi said, '... I just thought to make it fun since the word 'Red Velvet' directly relates to the girl group anyway'

                            VIXX's Ravi to DELETE controversial track 'Red Velvet', apologizes for reference to K-pop girl group
Ravi apologizes to Red Velvet members (Instagram)

VIXX member Ravi has issued a public apology after his track 'Red Velvet' created a stir of controversy on social media. The lyrics of the song which directly mentioned the SM Entertainment K-pop group with the same name enraged fans as they slammed the singer and songwriter for offending the girl group. Ravi has assured fans that the track will be deleted.

He released a public apology on June 4, where he said, “I want to sincerely apologize to the members of Red Velvet who were mentioned in the lyrics and to the staff from SM Entertainment.” He added, “I thought a lot about how I should take responsibility for this, and today, I personally called SM Entertainment to apologize to the Red Velvet members and the company.”


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'Red Velvet' controversy

Ravi recently released his latest album 'Roses' which contained seven tracks and the fourth track on the title was named 'Red Velvet'. While speaking of the name that raised curiosity before the album's release, Ravi had said, "The song 'Red Velvet' is about the cake red velvet. I wanted to express the sweet warmth using the topic of the red velvet cake." But Ravi intended to add a bit of quirk in it, he said, so added lyrics that would directly involve the song with the girl group. Lyrics like "Dumb dumb... you'll never get rusty" refers to Red Velvet's track 'Dumb Dumb.' 




Ravi explained, "I wanted to put some fun aspects into the song so I put in the lyrics 'Dumb Dumb' (Red Velvet's song). I just thought to make it fun since the word 'Red Velvet' directly relates to the girl group anyway." 

Ravi's apology

Ravi's apology came after the track's lyrics offended Red Velvet fans. He wrote, "I struggled deeply about the order by which I should take responsibility for this recent issue. Earlier today, I delivered a personal apology to the members of Red Velvet through their agency, as well as to their affiliates. Of course, I feel a heavy burden for creating such an unfortunate situation in the first place. Not only that, but as someone responsible for an agency called GROOVL1N, I am deeply reflecting on my carelessness regarding this situation. I am ashamed that while working on the lyrics, I failed to realize how much the contents would cause discomfort for so many people."

Ravi further addressed the lyrics that created the controversy saying, "I hoped to create a song with a sweet and bright energy; however, due to the fact that a specific group was mentioned, the particular artists, as well as their fans, were directly affected; as the lyricist of this track, I do believe that the responsibility for the issue falls to me."




He assured fans saying, "I have come to an agreement with the music distributor to delete this track from all platforms. It may take some time before the change takes full effect; but I will do my best to take prompt measures." He went on to add, "Additionally, I promise to work on music with utmost care and caution from now on."

Red Velvet fans have been furious with the song and after the apology, they shared their opinions on social media. A fan said, "The fact that the rv members had to find out about these lyrics this way disgusts me... what kind of reaction was he expecting? the bigger issue is him not realizing why the lyrics are problematic when he spent that whole time writing and recording the song!" Another chimed in saying, "Why do men always apologize when they get called out why can’t they act like decent human beings like what makes u think it’s even okay to THINK about writing a song like that!"






Ravi's album 'Roses' was released on June 3. Check his new music here.