Blackpink and Red Velvet fans demand collab after 'Ice Cream', say supergroup should be called Blackvelvet

The two groups share similar concepts, though executed rather differently, and their fandoms have built a tight bond over the years that has now culminated in the demand for a proper collaboration

                            Blackpink and Red Velvet fans demand collab after 'Ice Cream', say supergroup should be called Blackvelvet
Blackpink and Red Velvet (Getty Images)

Blackpink's latest single 'Ice Cream' featuring Selena Gomez is already shaping up to be a hit. The fun summer bop was accompanied by an equally cheerful music video that embodied the track's name completely. But one small section of the song's choreography, combined with its title, has fans hoping for a collaboration between Blackpink and their fellow girl group, Red Velvet.

Following the song's release, many fans pointed out the similarities between the track and 'Ice Cream Cake' from Red Velvet. One fan shared, "Okay hear me out HAHHAHAAHHAHA there's a part of Blackpink's choreo for Ice Cream w/ Selena have the same dance step with RV's Ice Cream Cake. I just share it coz when I saw it Red Velvet's Ice Cream Cake came first to my mind ble."

While some users of Red Velvet began accusing Blackpink of copying the former's concept and sound, most fans are hoping this release brings them one step closer to a collaboration between the two acts. After all, Blinks and ReVeluvs have frequently shown they're far more invested in building a bond than tearing each other down.

As one fan shared, "If this happens to other groups, I swear by now BP will get dr*g for 1000%. Meanwhile, when it's Blackvelvet: "OMG where is the collab?" This is a peak. Istg no group in Kpop got the sweetest bond like BP & RV. I repeat none."




Following the release of 'Ice Cream', fans began demanding an official collaboration featuring all members from both acts. "So @RVsmtown @BLACKPINK ??? Collab maybe?? We wish???" mused one user on Twitter, "Now, when will @RVsmtown and @BLACKPINK collab," asked another, "Red Velvet x Blackpink collab when?" asked one fan, and another pleaded, "Now can Blackvelvet collab, please."








Fans have already given the dream team a name: Blackvelvet. "I just remembered a tweet saying that Blackvelvet is the group and Blackpink and Red Velvet are the subunits so @ygent_official @SMTOWNGLOBAL Blackvelvet debut when," asked one fan.


This shouldn't be hard to organize, seeing as both groups were created with similar concepts in mind. As one fan shared, "It’s pretty amazing when you think of Red Velvet and Blackpink having two sides," adding, "Red & Velvet Black & Pink." SM Entertainment debuted Red Velvet in 2014, highlighting they were designed to represent a duality of concepts, with Red referring to more upbeat, brighter concepts and Velvet standing in for more mature, darker concepts.

YG Entertainment debuted Blackpink in 2016 with a similar notion in mind, where Black represented more hard-hitting hip-hop sounds and Pink stood for more bubblegum pop styles. To that end, it would be fascinating to have a dual release from the acts representing both sides they each represent.


In times where fan wars can often dominate the experience of pop music, the love between fandoms is certainly a joy to witness. Perhaps the groups' labels will return the goodwill by joining hands on what is guaranteed to be the best-selling team-up in modern K-pop.

But in the absence of an official collaboration from the groups, fans are stating they're "waiting for Ice Cream and Ice Cream Cake remix." And some fans are taking the demand for a collaboration even further, asking for the powers that be to throw JYP Entertainment's Twice into the mix and stating, "DON'T YOU GET IT WE WANT A COLLAB ASAP."




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