Top 5 controversial K-pop couples: EXO Kai and Blackpink Jennie to Hyuna and Dawn, the truth behind wild rumors

Top 5 controversial K-pop couples: EXO Kai and Blackpink Jennie to Hyuna and Dawn, the truth behind wild rumors
Jennie of Blackpink and Kai of EXO (Getty Images)

In the world of glamorous K-pop idols, talking about love is still seen as taboo, and various local media outlets still use terms like ‘exposing’ or ‘outing’ while announcing a new romance that has brewed among the most loved K-pop idols. While some K-pop stars can weather the storm that comes after a supposed expose, others may also wither untimely in a sea of criticism and the pressure to win the public validation to keep their stardom intact. Standing in 2021 where the K-pop fans are much more open to their idols dating, here’s a brief look at some of the most controversial couples of K-pop and the truth behind the rumors, and more.

EXO Kai and Blackpink Jennie 

Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK performs at Sahara Tent during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 12, 2019 in Indio, California.
Kai of K-pop supergroup SuperM  (Getty Images)

Blackpink Jennie and EXO Kai are one of the most loved K-pop superstars who have a massive global fandom. So when the story broke about the supposed dup dating, fans truly lost their cool as rumors and theories surged with the expose. The short-lived alleged romance of the duo ended only after four months due to high work pressure, SM Entertainment told a news publication. Though the duo never talked about their relationship clearly, fans picked up plenty of clues of it and some of them were heart-melting. For example, one time Jennie took to Instagram to share snaps of a romantic evening in Paris with the caption, “Had the most romantic dinner admiring the eiffel tower 🗼❣️ #happyjen’, following after a day, Kai shared a number of pictures almost in the same locations. Fans didn’t take time to add the two plus two. Take a look at the snaps below.



Kang Daniel and Twice’s Jihyo

Kang Daniel, Jihyo (YouTube)

Deemed as one of the most popular power couples of K-pop,TWICE's Jihyo and Kang Daniel also had a wonderfully beautiful run where fans couldn’t gush enough about the duo. Unfortunately, the K-pop ‘IT’ couple called it quits also citing work pressure and busy schedules. Fans were heartbroken over the news as they came up with various wild theories for bringing the couple back together. Jihyo and Kang Daniel had dated publicly for a year and three months before parting ways.

Hyuna and Dawn

Hyuna and Dawn (Getty Images)

K-pop idols Hyuna and Dawn are known as one of the strongest couples in the history of K-pop as the duo faced a lot after confirming theory dating news but nothing could make them quit. Both the idols previously signed under Cube Entertainment grew close to each other while being a part of the K-pop trio Triple H but initially denied dating rumors stating they are close friends. Later, the couple officially announced their relationship and amidst a sea of controversy, had to leave their agency. But soon, they both signed under Psy’s P Nation and now they get to flaunt their love on social media as fans can’t have enough of the adorable chemistry between the two Kpop soloists.

Super Junior’s Heechul & TWICE's Momo


The famous Momo and Heechul friendship that eventually turned into a beautiful love story has all Twice fans’ hearts. Before officially confirming their relationship, Heechul’s agency spoke about the duo having a sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior) friendship. The duo however shared a number of selfies together and finally, Twice’s JYP Entertainment and Heechul’s Label SJ confirmed it. JYP said, "Heechul and Momo are in a relationship. They have recently started a relationship that grew from a sunbae-hoobae friendship in the industry." 

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin & PENTAGON’s Hui

The news of Soojin and Hui dating made a lot of buzz, and yet the fans could never know how long they were together before the duo’s agency Cube Entertainment said the couple had broken up. Though there was no trace of the relationship publicly from the Kpop stars side, fans found out instances where the duo was seen linking arms. There is official confirmation on how long the duo dated.

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin & PENTAGON’s Hui ((G)I-DLE Instagram/ Cube Entertainment)

With the recent news of another Kpop IT couple Vixx’s Ravi and Girl’s Generation’s Taeyong dating making headlines, K-pop fans can’t wait for their idols to come out of stringent dating rules and love freely as they wholeheartedly deserve! 

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