VIXX Ravi's The L1ve label signs Mamamoo's Wheein after Ailee, fans say he's 'on a mission'

Ravi launched The L1ve on July 20 and Ailee was the first artist to join it on July 22

                            VIXX Ravi's The L1ve label signs Mamamoo's Wheein after Ailee, fans say he's 'on a mission'
with Mamamoo’s Wheein joining Ravi's The L1ve, expectations are high (@ravithecrackkidz, @whee_inthemood/Instagram)

Mamamoo’s Wheein is the second artist to reportedly join The L1ve after Ailee. VIXX’s Ravi has been branching out and now has two labels. He launched The L1ve on July 20 and Ailee was the first artist to join it on July 22. Ravi’s fans have been eagerly waiting to see what he will do next and are impressed with his influence over the K-pop industry. He opened his first label GROOVL1N in 2019 when he left his old agency.

While it focused mainly on hip-hop and rappers, Ravi didn’t want to be constrained to any genre or style of music. This is why he decided to launch The L1ve. It is set to be like a normal entertainment agency that handles all kinds of celebrities like actors, manages artists and helps K-pop trainees debut and make music. And with Mamamoo’s Wheein joining the label, expectations are high.


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Wheein leaves old agency

After Mamamoo’s contract expired with RBW, all of the members re-signed except for Wheein. While she stated that she is still a part of the girl group, she will be teaming up with others for her solo career. Last week, there were rumors that she would be joining Jay Park’s label, H1GHER MUSIC. However, everyone involved in the matter denied it. Fans were wondering what Wheein was up to since she had gone radio silent after writing her letter regarding her contract.


However, on August 9, there were suddenly reports that Wheein was currently discussing an exclusive contract with The L1ve . A spokesperson of the label also stated that the discussions were going positively. And an hour later, reports came in that Wheein had signed an exclusive contract with Ravi’s label.


This news came in after Mamamoo’s leader Solar made headlines for flaunting her executive decision. The idol has reportedly bought a building for 4.5 billion won. Located near Sinchon Station, it is a four-level building and has a basement. Fans wondered whether she was just investing or was thinking of launching something new that would require a company building. This also fed into the rumors that she would be launching her own label and signing Wheein.

Well, that last bit was set to rest with Wheein probably finding a new home with The L1ve . Fans of Ailee and Wheein were shocked by Ravi’s power while VIXX fans stated that they had complete faith that he would continue to make waves with his new label.

'Collecting top vocalists'

One Moomoo tweeted, “I wonder what that man offered to get two of the best vocalists in the industry under his label Wheein and Ailee wow.” Another fan pointed out that the reporter who wrote about Wheein joining THE L1VE could be trusted since they were the one who had written about her leaving RBW and denying joining H1GHER MUSIC, “It was the same reporter again.” One fan tweeted, “Ravi is in full force on mamamoo members this year, from solarsido, to smn and xydo-byul possibly collaboration, and now wheein.”

Another tweeted, “I wake up to solar buying a 4 story house and wheein joining in a label w ravi, why is everything suddenly happening today,, can yall let me breathe for a min.” A VIXX fan tweeted, “Welcome the new Queen of @THEL1VE_LABEL WHEEIN from MAMAMOO Congratulations @RAVI_GTCK I'm so proud.” Another tweeted, “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS?? HE GOT BOTH AILEE AND WHEEIN OMG RAVI WORLD DOMINATION.” One fan tweeted, “If Ravi really manages to sign Wheein and have her with Ailee under one roof.. guy really is on a mission collecting top vocalists..”








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