Is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon dating Vixx’s Ravi? Internet demands 'normalize K-pop idols dating'

There has been no update from Ravi’s management while Taeyeon’s company SM Entertainment has released their official statement on the same

                            Is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon dating Vixx’s Ravi? Internet demands 'normalize K-pop idols dating'
Taeyeon and Ravi (Getty Images)

Fans of South Korean rapper Ravi and singer-songwriter Taeyeon are in for good news as apparently, the two have been dating for about a year. Ravi, who is the CEO of record label GROOVL1N and a member of the boy band Vixx, was recently spotted with Taeyeon, whom we all know as the member of SM Entertainment’s Girls' Generation.

According to JoyNews24, the two were on a date at 27-year-old Ravi’s house in Seonleung after they revealed pictures of him picking up the 31-years-old songstress from her house in Seongsu-dong on the Internet, as published by the website AllKpop. The two met through a common friend and reportedly also went on a Christmas date recently. Interestingly, Taeyeon appeared on Naver Now’s show ‘Question Mark’ hosted by Ravi.

Singer TAEYEON performs onstage during the 9th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on January 08, 2020, in Seoul, South Korea (Getty Images)

Speaking on the rumors, SM Entertainment revealed to Newsen that the rumors about dating were not true. "They only have a close sunbae and hoobae friendship since having worked together on Ravi’s song and that the dating rumors are not true,” as reported by KoreaBoo.  

Considering all the news going around the two, Ravi’s label GROOVL1N also decided to come forward and put the rumors to rest. According to the website AllKpop, they have confirmed that Ravi and Taeyeon are indeed dating. The label said, “It's true that they're dating. Please do not make any guesses so they can have a good relationship.” While SM Entertainment has denied the news, this new statement from Ravi’s label has added to the confusion. MEAWW will keep you posted on the details.

As soon as the news of both K-pop artistes dating hit the Internet, a lot of social media users rushed to Twitter to express their valuable opinions on the same. One user stated, “I’m just mind my business this has nothing to do with us it’s between Ravi and Taeyeon and if they are dating congratulations to them!!!” Another expressed, “What kind of person is Ravi? Does he have a good personality? (pls no bad intentions meant, I just have little to no information of him so I just wanna know). And if both parties confirms this then congrats to both of them! I hope Taeyeon will be happy with him.”

One posted, “kpoppies should normalize kpop idols dating coz we will never end up with our oppas and unnies alright and wake tf up and get your own.” Another added, “Since ravi is a close friend of kai and exo and taeyeon is part of snsd which is exo's sunbaes and their special friend... EXOLs we need to protect this couple.” A user said, “Oh damn that was not expected but happy for them, king and queen.” A fan shared, “True. I won’t believe it until they actually say it. I don’t trust the photos of them getting into cars because they always look the same but this one is different so I think they are dating.”

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Ravi, whose real name is Kim Won Sik, is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He made his debut in the entertainment world in 2012 when he participated in the Mnet survival reality show, ‘MyDOL’. Ravi debuted as a member of Jellyfish Entertainment’s first idol group, VIXX, in the same year.

Apart from his music career, he has also participated in various reality programs including ‘Idol King of Cooking’ in 2016, ‘Asia, Where VIXX Loves’ in 2017 and ‘The Real Men 300’ in 2019. Ravi debuted as a solo artiste in January 2017, with the release of his debut mini-album ‘R.EAL1ZE’.

Taeyeon has been a member of the girl group Girls' Generation since 2007 and she has hit singles like ‘If’ and ‘Can You Hear Me’ to her name. She released her debut solo EP in 2015 whereas, her debut studio album, ‘My Voice’ came in the year 2017 which consisted of hit songs such as ‘11:11’, ‘Fine’ and ‘Make Me Love You’.

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