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VIXX’s Ravi launches 2nd record label ‘The L1ve’ and signs Ailee, fans call it a ‘power move’

Ravi's second record label 'The L1ve' will be a regular entertainment agency that handles actors and debuts idols
Ravi signs Ailee to his 2nd label 'The L1ve' (@ravithecrackkidz , @aileeonline/Instagram)
Ravi signs Ailee to his 2nd label 'The L1ve' (@ravithecrackkidz , @aileeonline/Instagram)

Looks like rapper-producer Ravi is trying to take over the K-pop music industry. He first debuted as part of the K-pop group VIXX back in 2012. He then had his solo debut with his hit mini-album ‘R.EAL1ZE’. After his contract with his company, Jellyfish Entertainment ended, he decided to leave. While he is still a part of VIXX and has a musical partnership with Jellyfish for group activities, he went on to open his own record label.

Ravi wanted to have his own one-man label that would focus on his style of music and so he went on to establish ‘GROOVL1N’ in 2019. It’s a hip-hop/rap label that handles artists of similar genres like Cold Bay, Chillin Homie and Xydo. But it seems that Ravi wants to branch out as he just established a second label and has already signed K-pop idol Ailee.


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Ravi signs Ailee to his second label

On July 20, 2021, it was revealed that VIXX’s Ravi would be opening a second label as he did not want to be held to the confines of just hip-hop music. He established ‘The L1ve’ to support and help artists who released music in all kinds of genres. While ‘GROOVL1N’ is a space for hip-hop and R&B artists, this new label will be constantly expanding depending on their artists. The announcement also garnered attention as Ravi used a ‘breaking news’ style concept with a countdown image that would reveal the first artist joining at the end of the timer.


And on July 22, ‘The L1ve’ announced that the first artist to join forces with them was Ailee. While she has collaborated with Ravi before, this will be the first time his label will be handling her activities. While Ailee is sort of active, her fans were not happy with her management. Meanwhile, Ravi is known for always being hands-on and taking care of each and every artist under ‘GROOVL1N’ making sure that they all have good promotions. This is why Ailee’s fans are excited to see her sign with Ravi’s label and believe that she will be in good hands. 

‘The L1ve’ also announced that they will be taking on idols, as well as actors. It seems like the record label will be more like a regular entertainment company like Ravi’s original agency, Jellyfish. It has also been revealed that ‘The L1ve’ is holding auditions for new and aspiring artists and will help them debut and release music.

'So proud'

A fan tweeted, “The first group I stanned was VIXX and Ailee is my ultimate soloist but I never even had the slightest clue that Ailee would be under Ravi's agency years after. I'm expecting a lot now cause I've seen Ravi actively releasing and promoting songs & appearing in variety shows.” Another tweeted, “Ravi is a real one ! You can tell he cares about Ailee ! I can’t wait for what they have prepared for Ailee’s comeback.” One tweeted, “Ailee in Ravi’s label I hope that she finally gets the recognition and love that she deserves if it wasn’t for her old company, I think she might have been even more popular already.”

A Vixx fan tweeted, “Honestly Ravi getting Ailee to join his label is such a power move. I am super excited to see how his label grows and what he does with his companies in the future!” Another fan tweeted, “I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! YOU ARE SO HARDWORKING, ALWAYS PASSIONATE, GOAL-ORIENTED, WISE!!!YEOROBUN, A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR @RAVI_GTCK , CEO OF GROOVL1N AND THE L1VE we will always support you! we love you so much.”