Has Mamamoo's Wheein joined Jay Park's label? Fans unconvinced even after H1GHER MUSIC denial

Fans believe that Wheein might be joining Jay Park's label H1GHER MUSIC despite them denying it due to a previous incident

                            Has Mamamoo's Wheein joined Jay Park's label? Fans unconvinced even after H1GHER MUSIC denial
Wheein has denied joining H1GHER MUSIC (@whee_inthemood/Instagram)

Ever since it was revealed that Wheein had not renewed her contract with her agency RBW, fans are wondering what she would do next. While she’s still a part of the K-pop girl group Mamamoo, many were looking forward to her activities as a free agent. She also wrote a letter to her fans talking about her future plans and what we could expect from her. But ever since the news, she has been pretty inactive. However, on July 28, there were rumors that she would be joining a company.

Reports stated that Wheein was in the final stages of an agreement with Jay Park’s label H1GHER MUSIC. It was believed that the Mamamoo star was going to sign an exclusive contract with them and was in constant contact with the agency ever since leaving RBW in June. It was pretty exciting news, as the company is home to several R&B and hip-hop artists. She would also be the first female K-pop idol to join the agency. But immediately after, official statements were released denying the rumors.

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Wheein to join Jay Park's H1GHER MUSIC?

Wheein herself came online to tell Moomoos not to believe everything they read on the internet. Wheein’s representative gave a longer explanation stating that it was true that she had several calls from different agencies and was considering them all but nothing had been decided. While this should have been enough to quell the rumors, there has been an intense debate among fans.

Previously, when GOT7 left their company JYPE, Jay B was the last member to sign with a new label. At first, when rumors cropped up that he was signing with Jay Park’s label, everyone involved denied it. In fact, when news agencies called up H1GHER MUSIC, they explicitly denied it saying that it was just rumors. However, a few weeks later, it was revealed that Jay B had actually ended up signing with H1GHER MUSIC.


So, thanks to the earlier incident, fans are wondering if it’s all just an act so that when Wheein does sign with H1GHER MUSIC, it will be a surprise of sorts. Many also found it suspicious that even though she has been inactive on social media since her letter in June, Wheein immediately came online today to indirectly deny the rumors. Meanwhile, other fans are just happy to wait and see what decision Wheein will take regarding the future of her career.

'In love with her'

Fans took to Twitter to discuss the situation. One fan explained why this debate was going on in the first place, “A whole month without wheein and you expect me to be okay??????” Another tweeted, “Both wheein and jb knowing that they would leave their agencies and joined h1ghrmusic.” One fan tweeted, “Anyway, still believe in Wheein's decision. Wheein knows what she wants so never have to worry, just wait and cheer for Wheein with all my heart.” Another tweeted, “WHEEIN?! JOINING?! H1GHR? SHE'S GONNA BE THE FIRST FEMALE ARTIST OF THEIR COMPANY.” One tweeted, “But...you know wheein, you declining this fast on fc is also sus.” Another tweeted, “Wheein came back online for the first time in 84 years only to address rumors and lowkey throw shade at the media imagine not being in love with her.”