Mamamoo’s Solar poses with fitness trainer Yang Chi Seung for 'Men's Health' cover

Mamamoo’s Solar poses with fitness trainer Yang Chi Seung for 'Men's Health' cover
Solar and Coach Yang for Men's Health August cover (

Men’s Health Korea shares their August covers starring Mamamoo’s Solar and fitness trainer Yang Chi-seung. While a female idol appearing in the magazine is not surprising it is a rare occurrence. Solar herself was shocked she was being recruited as she had no clue that women can appear on the cover of a fitness magazine predominantly for men. However, she is not the only female idol to appear in the magazine.

Years ago, the 2nd-gen girl group After School had appeared on the cover of the magazine. In recent months we saw Lovelyz’s Mijoo in the May 2021 issue but unfortunately, she wasn’t on the cover. Again, back in November, former Wonder Girls idol Ha:tfelt appeared inside the magazine while the cover was reserved for a male idol. But with more and more female idols breaking norms and standards, looks like they’re about to land new opportunities.

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Mamamoo's Solar on Men's Health

Back in May, Mamamoo’s Solar was invited to the variety show ‘Boss In The Mirror’. During a chat with Coach Yang Chi-seung, he asked her if she would like to team up with him to be on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. At first, she was hesitant since she didn’t know if it was possible. When Coach Yang confirmed, she agreed to it. Since then, she’s been working hard for the photo shoot.

Solar is known for being one of the few bold female idols in the industry. From pole dancing at the biggest K-pop award show to going bald (even though it was a bald cap) for her solo debut, she doesn’t shy away from a challenge. She’s also known for her toned abs which have led to some iconic moments like her performance of BTS’ Fire when she tore her shirt.

She joined hands with Coach Yang and trained together with a rigorous routine and strict diet for two months. Even though the cover shoot was delayed by a month, Solar continued to work hard. She even posted some of her routines on her YouTube channel as she did various exercises from bench press to deadlifts and squats. She has also developed 20kg of muscles which was a new peak for her. With female idols forced to stay skinny and have a teen-like appearance, fans are excited for Solar to break out from that mould. 

Solar for Men's Health (


And in the sneak-peeks of the August issue, her hard work has paid off. In a couple of photoshoots with Coach Yang, Solar first donned a sports bra and then a crop top to show off her well-defined abs. Then in a solo shoot, she is seen in navy swimwear which accentuates her curves, as well as shows hints off her covered abs.


One fan tweeted, “I HAVE TO BUY SOLAR'S MENS HEALTH ONLINE.” Another tweeted, “No thoughts, head empty just solar’s abs.” One fan wondered if Solar’s abs were enough to motivate them, “What would I rather do? Work hard and get abs like Solar? Or eat Wendy's? Guess which one I chose today.” Another tweeted, “Miss solar's body be poppin'!! I love it. Her abs? Immaculate. I want it.”





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