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Is VIXX's Leo working on EXO Xiumin's solo debut? Duo's pic causes chaos among fans

The two idols took a selfie together of them embracing each other that has fans making memes about how they're in a relationship
UPDATED NOV 11, 2021
VIXX's Leo and EXO's Xiumin take a photo together (@leo_jungtw, @weareone.exo/Instagram)
VIXX's Leo and EXO's Xiumin take a photo together (@leo_jungtw, @weareone.exo/Instagram)

With the K-pop scene getting quite suburban, the older generation idols have decided to come back from their military service and cause quite a stir. We’ve had second-gen idols reuniting like T-ara, SHINee, 2PM and 2AM. Then we have the older third-gen artists going solo while the rest of their groups finish their military enlistments. This can be seen with D.O. and Xiumin who were the first EXO members to enlist and now are back with a bang. We also have VIXX’s Leo and Hyuk making the rounds on social media despite the group being inactive for quite some time.

EXO delighted fans as they finally had a comeback with D.O., Xiumin and even Chinese member Lay who couldn’t join the group previously due to political reasons. Xiumin is also busy making up for the lost time as he starred in a musical, became a regular variety show member and is busy preparing for his solo debut. Starlights (VIXX’s fandom) on the other hand are ready for their group to come back with the leader N and Leo getting discharged from the military a few months ago. But no one would have guessed that we would be getting an EXO and VIXX interaction first.


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VIXX's Leo posts a photo with EXO's Xiumin

VIXX’s Leo released his first single since his discharge from the military. He dropped ‘I’m Still Here’ on November 2. The single is an emotional pop ballad about a painful breakup. Well, to show his support, EXO’s Xiumin shared it on his Instagram story a day later. But no one could predict what was to follow. It looks like the two idols met up on November 5 with Leo posting a selfie with Xiumin on his Instagram. The photo has caused chaos as fans and non-fans are wondering about the intimate embrace that they decided to share with fans.

While some made memes as they joked about the two being in a relationship, others think that maybe the two are working on Xiumin’s solo debut. Leo later clarified on V Live that he and Xiumin are just friends. They had met up after the EXO member had a performance. They had had some wine, were in a good mood and were close enough to hug and pat each other.

'Taekwoon and Minseok could be on a Nicholas Sparks movie cover'

Fans have been trending Xiumin’s real name Minseok and VIXX as they ended up making memes about the situation. They made tweets like, “Minseok got himself a boyfriend good for him,” “History will say leo and minseok were very good friends,” and “Vixx is trending so i was excited thinking we are getting a comeback but i forgot taekwoon and minseok are basically making out on the tl.” One Starlight joked about Jaehwan’s reaction who used to constantly evade questions about VIXX’s sexuality, “Jaehwan's gonna come back to 'vixx gay' trending i swear bby ur efforts were in vain."





Fans also found it hilarious that VIXX and EXO met more than the VIXX members themselves, “Im gonna f*cking scream wonshik meets jongin often and taek meets minseok often but vixx lr have been social distancing for the past 3 years.” Starlights also found it funny that another member, Hyuk had been cast as the lead in a BL (boy love K-drama), “Vixx: we're not gay also vixx:.” An EXO-L shared, “Out here touching faces with men when you NEED to be touching the mics in the studio kim minseok!”




Another pointed out how Xiumin is one of the shortest members of EXO while Leo is one of the tallest in VIXX, “Minseok's mom: "don't stand near your tall friends" Also minseok with every tall man:.” One added, “Minseok’s manager in his sleep rn.” Another Starlight added, “The vixx members waking up and seeing that pic.” One fan shared, "Taekwoon and Minseok could be on a Nicholas Sparks movie cover."