EXO’s Xiumin tests Covid positive on EXO-Ls’ birthday, rest of EXO and staff quarantined

With the news of Xiumin's diagnosis, the EXO-Ls birthday anniversary celebrations have taken a backseat. Worried fans are hoping for a speedy recovery

                            EXO’s Xiumin tests Covid positive on EXO-Ls’ birthday, rest of EXO and staff quarantined
Xiumin diagnosed with Covid-19 (@weareone.exo/Instagram)

While South Korea has been handling the global pandemic quite well, the last few weeks have been rough. Previously, it was revealed that many K-pop idols had tested positive for Covid-19. Ateez’s San, Infinite’s Sunggyu, Treasure’s Doyoung and Junghwan, as well as BTOB’s Minhyuk had been tested positive. Fortunately, they have all recovered. However, there are idols that are still recovering like EXID’s Hani. And the latest patient happens to be EXO’s Xiumin.

EXO’s fanclub, EXO-L was created on August 5, 2014. Therefore, August 5 is celebrated as a birthday or anniversary for EXO-Ls. Fans, as well as the members of EXO, celebrate the day by writing letters and videos thanking each other. Unfortunately, today’s festivities have been interrupted with the news of Xiumin being diagnosed with Covid-19. The idol had been discharged from his military service last year and was constantly showering EXO-Ls with content from musicals to variety shows. 

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Xiumin tests positive for Covid-19

Xiumin even revealed that he was working on his solo album and would be having a solo debut soon. At the moment he is starring in the variety show ‘Xiumin’s Tennis King Tomorrow’ and was preparing for the musical 'Hadestown'. Before attending its practice the day before, he took a test that came back negative. However, since he felt like he had some symptoms, he again took a Covid-19 test yesterday. The results came back as positive on August 5. 

SM released a statement that he was being treated and all of his activities had been halted and his variety shows’ broadcasting stations had been alerted. Furthermore, the rest of EXO as well as their staff members have been tested today, on August 5, and are awaiting the results while they self-quarantine. Even those involved in 'Hadestown' like the cast and crew have been notified and are being tested for Covid-19.

The first half of August 5 was a time to rejoice as EXO-Ls celebrated their anniversary. They shared sweet moments of EXO's past and the interactions they had with fans. Chanyeol, who is currently serving in the military, even uploaded a special birthday video for EXO-Ls. Unfortunately, with the news of Xiumin's diagnosis, the celebrations have taken a backseat as worried fans are sending loving messages to the idol wishing for a speedy recovery.

'Birthday gift'

One fan tweeted, “Minseok tested positive and all other EXO members together with their staffs will have to undergo self-quarantine while waiting for their results. This is such a sad news amid EXO-Ls birthday. Let Minseok's fast recovery and the others' safety be our birthday gift instead.” Another tweeted, “Wishing Minseok a speedy recovery and I hope that the other EXO members and their staff will test negative for COVID-19.” One tweeted, “Now all we want for our birthday is your safety and good health Minseok, and all of the other members as well.” Another tweeted, “Minseok is a strong man!! i know he will recover soon!”






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