Is Xiumin next EXO star to go solo? K-pop idol reveals he accepted musical offer

Xiumin had been offered the lead in the Korean version of the Broadway musical ‘Hadestown’

                            Is Xiumin next EXO star to go solo? K-pop idol reveals he accepted musical offer
EXO's Xiumin says that he's working on his solo album (@weareone.exo/Instagram)

As the oldest member of EXO, Xiumin was the first to enlist for his mandatory military service. But he also happens to be the first member to be back and to make up for the lost time he is as active as possible. From finally participating in EXO’s comeback with ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ to hosting variety shows like ‘Drink with God 2’, he has been constantly regaling EXO-Ls with content. And we just might get a solo debut from him too. 

Back in May, it was announced that EXO’s Xiumin would be participating in a musical. He had been offered the lead in the Korean version of the Broadway musical ‘Hadestown’. Following the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and their time in the Underworld, Xiumin will be playing the part of Orpheus, a legendary musician. To promote the musical, the K-pop idol appeared in SINGLES magazine for a photoshoot.


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Xiumin talks his solo debut

Along with his ‘Hadestown’ co-stars Park Kang-hyun and Jo Hyung-gyun, EXO's Xiumin appeared in the August issue of SINGLES magazine. In a dark and mysterious theme perfect for the musical, Xiumin had a photoshoot as well as an interview with the magazine. He spoke about how he got a lot of musical offers even before he had been discharged from the military. However, ‘Hadestown’ was the one he picked because it caught his eye.

He also added that he liked being associated with EXO. And instead of being just addressed by his name, he liked it when he is known as EXO’s Xiumin. As to why he never wanted to let go of this name he added that it made him feel brave as well as cautious. He elaborated, that because he is a part of EXO, he always wanted to do well and since he is not a soloist, his actions would always represent his team. Well, along with the responsibilities of EXO, it looks like he will also be having a solo career soon.

He revealed that he wanted to release a solo album that is full of Xiumin-esque performances. Then with a mischievous glint in his eye, he added that he had actually already started working on his solo debut. When asked for spoilers, he said that it was top secret. But fans are happy just with the knowledge that we might be getting a solo album from him soon. He happens to be the latest member to have a solo debut after DO. It was announced at the beginning of July that DO would be releasing his debut solo album on July 26. While we wait for more information on Xiumin’s solo, his musical ‘Hadestown’ will begin its performances on August 24.


A fan tweeted, “An album full of xiumin’s voice, only xiumin pcs, xiumin the star of the mv, xiumin solo stages and fan meets and just more xiumin… xiumin XIUMIN.” Another added, “XIUMIN SOLO? WE HAVING XIULO? TELL ME IT'S HAPPENING OMY. WE STAN A HARDWORKING HUMAN BEING.” One fan tried to figure out the release date, “Minseok has already started working on his solo album which means it could come out at the end of this year maybe so in conclusion XIUMIN SOLO DEBUT DECEMBER 2021.” One tweeted, “He's so BEAUTIFUL my baby XIUMIN.”