Internet hopes for happy ending after video shows puppy being abandoned on the road by heartless owner

Internet hopes for happy ending after video shows puppy being abandoned on the road by heartless owner
A dog named Pebbles was abandoned by the side of the road (David Loop/Facebook)

RUBIDOUX, CALIFORNIA: Animal control officials are investigating two recent instances in which puppies were abandoned on the side of a road in Southern California. The incidents happened in Rubidoux, a town located outside of Los Angeles, near the Sierra Pacific Furbabies animal rescue center.

The rescue's founder, David Loop, stated that many animals are frequently left at their shelter. Thanks to the cameras, Loop was able to rescue a six-week-old puppy named Delilah last month. Delilah was found hiding near the shelter after being abandoned on the side of the road.


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Dogs and cats were being dumped outside of Loop's workplace

"Dogs and cats, we kind of suspected they were being dumped, but I never had evidence of it," Loop said. "I saw the vehicle pull up. There was a little glitch in the camera because it stopped recording, but the guy pulled out in the street and the puppy was sitting right there," Loop told ABC7.



'See what this loser did to this poor, innocent girl'

In a Facebook post, Loop said, "Pebbles was dumped in front of my work on Thursday, 3/30/23 at 3:29 and 29 seconds. She’s so lucky she didn’t get hit by a car and I’m actually happy she ran into my yard. The POS, pathetic garbage of a human being that dumped her should be ashamed of themselves. I hope everyone in the world shares this video so the world can see what this loser did to this poor, innocent girl." He added, "Every inch of my yard is covered with high quality surveillance cameras and the streets have LPR license plate reader cameras. If someone dumps an animal at my work, they will be famous. Be Kind, Love People And Animals too. Miracles do Happen. Spay & Neuter your pets."


Loop's efforts to rescue animals are commendable, and his use of security cameras to deter animal abandonment is a smart and effective way to combat this issue. Those who are passionate about animal welfare can support Loop's shelter by making a donation, which will help ensure that the cats and dogs he rescues receive the care and attention they need.

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 Video shows dog being abandoned by roadside as owner drives away