CALIFORNIA DREAMING: Julia Wandelt, who claims she's Madeleine McCann, is 'enjoying her new lifestyle’

CALIFORNIA DREAMING: Julia Wandelt, who claims she's Madeleine McCann, is 'enjoying her new lifestyle’
Julia Wandelt, who claimed to be Madeleine McCann, moved to the US after facing death threats for her claims (persianmedium/Instagram; Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Julia Wandelt, the woman who claims to be the Madeleine McCann, is now reportedly loving her new life in the US. The 21-year-old, who also goes by the surnames Wendell and Faustyna, is actually from Poland, where she used to live with her family. Now, she has moved to somewhere in Los Angeles after allegedly receiving threats online because of her claims of being McCann, who went missing during a family holiday in Portugal in 2007.


Fia Johansson, a private detective who is assisting Wandelt, is believed to be staying with her in the US. The young woman was using her Instagram account to prove that she was the missing British girl. However, after the severe backlash and trolling, she reportedly took it down, and now Johansson is giving updates throught her own Instagram page.


Julia Wandelt: Woman who claims she’s Madeleine McCann is now 'happy’ and at ‘peace’

Julia Wandelt: Woman who claims she’s Madeleine McCann staying in LA luxury home with 'psychic medium' Fia Johansson



Julia Wandelt is ‘a sweetheart’

In her latest Instagram Story, Johansson reportedly called Wandelt “a sweetheart” who’s “enjoying her new lifestyle.” The self-proclaimed psychic also said that the young woman was understanding how to "let go of the past and live in the moment". She mentioned, “She loves walking and starting to go to the gym with me.”

In a previous post, Johansson said, “Julia enjoying the sunlight. I'm so happy for this beautiful angel that finally found some peace. Past seven days, she has been so anxious, so worried, and so lonely. At this moment, she is happy she is not alone, and she is getting the truth.”


This comes as Johansson and Wandelt have taken the authorities’ help after getting harshly intimidated online. The spokesperson shared, “We’ve officially filed a report with law enforcement taking into account all the threats made online, documenting every account and individual associated with disseminating threats and falsehoods regarding Julia's case and status."

Johansson added, “We've shared every email and social media account that's communicated directly with Julia, not threatening or attempting to lie about their connection to her family/Madeleine's family in order to lure her to their country.”


‘US police are taking her case seriously’

Johansson said, “As with threats of this magnitude, US police are taking her case seriously and looking into all information/accounts with caution and deep concern. Julia is safe and she is happy,” adding, “She wants to say thank you to everyone that has shown her compassion, understanding, and support since this all began. Having the police involved in her case now is good news. We also will share some positive updates shortly. Thank you all for your care and positive thoughts for Julia!”

'This is beyond Madeleine now'

In the past, Johansson had urged people to be kind to Wandelt. She said, “This is beyond Madeleine now. This is about helping a young woman get answers about who she is. Despite what you read online, these allegations are serious and I’m taking this investigation seriously.”



“The abuse, threats, and vitriol being spread by some people are outrageous and cruel and unnecessary. But behind it all, we are not deterred by any distractions. We’re on a search for the truth. Thank you to all who can see beyond and understand the importance of helping Julia,” she concluded.

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 Julia Wandelt is 'enjoying her new lifestyle’ in Los Angeles