Gurumi reveals HYBE's frequent legal notices are just routine, BTS fans disappointed at lack of action

Gurumi reveals HYBE's frequent legal notices are just routine, BTS fans disappointed at lack of action
Gurumi reveals HYBE's frequent legal notices are just routine (@thv/instagram, @jennierubyjane/instagram, leaked image/Gurumi Haribo)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: After the Gurumi Haribo hacker controversy, BigHit Music came forward and released an official statement specifying legal proceedings against a poster. The internet was certain that the 'poster' was none other than Gurumi Haribo, the infamous hacker of the K-pop world. They have previously leaked many unseen images of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie which spiced up dating rumors about them. However, recently the images have been called 'photoshopped' and Gurumi's conspiracies have come to the surface. 

Backtracking to HYBE's statement against the alleged hacker, Gurumi released a response from their side as well, "A quarterly statement was released today, same as the end of every March, June, September, and December. It did not specify what rumors, against who and is generally vague. Also, I have not received any legal notice from anyone. Also I mentioned before, if somebody wants to sue me for defamation and/or spreading untruths, I will be willing to provide relevant evidence of my claims under the name of the law, so that a fair and UNBIASED truth will be revealed". They ended the note by backing up their V and Jennie dating story once again and called it "the truth".


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Will legal action be taken against Gurumi Haribo?

Gurumi has revealed in their official statement that no legal actions as of yet have been taken against them. Moreover, they have labeled the statement by HYBE as "routine," something that is released every three months. Netizens backed up her words and called out HYBE for not taking any serious actions to protect the privacy of K-pop idols. Some fans are even pointing fingers at the record label itself and suspect the hacker is part of HYBE.

A fan tweeted, "WTF HYBE!! Why it’s so hard to make a statement like you did with the others rumours? Put their names and say that the lasts “malicious” posts of Taehyung and Jennie ARE FALSE. Why are you holding back?are you hiding something? #TAENNIE #taehyung #jennie   @BIGHIT_MUSIC". Another fan came forward and called them out, "What hybe just done is the bare minimum bc they could’ve dropped the statement four months ago when the car photo circulated online but they didn’t even move a single muscle that day. im still upset about how taehyung has been negatively affected by this cheap ass rumor". A fan call their statement "vague" and not against Gurumi. They wrote, "I’m glad that bighit is taking action but ppl assuming gurumi is being sued is very mistaken. i wish that were the case, but this is also a monthly statement hybe releases & i have a feeling this statement isn’t about gurumi at all. it’s quite vague"




Fans call Gurumi a 'pathological liar'

Many fans of BTS and Blackpink are now debunking all of Gurumi's claims and calling them a 'pathological liar' who changes their narratives with every story. A fan wrote, "Pathological liars are quite skilled at convincing victims by playing eye contact and maintaining a calm posture. they also believe their own lies wholeheartedly. the more pressing the situation, the more sophisticated they will lie".

Another wrote, "I can’t believe people still gives credits and trust to gurumi. She’s a pathological liar, changed the narratives so many times and u still believe in her words. Y’all so freaking sick in the head". A fan tweeted, "A specific poster has been spreading the same ill-intentioned rumor in multiple platforms” - BIG HIT Hope taennies and their psycho liar GURUMI HARIBO pack their bags and leave the artists alone now!".




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