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BTS V reveals his 7 friendship tattoo is on his left buttcheek, fans say 'proof or it didn't happen'

Fans are sharing jokes with BTS V after the idol hosted the shortest livestream on Weverse revealing the location of his friendship tattoo
BTS V hosted a 2-minute long Weverse live stream and told fans the exact location of his friendship tattoo (@thv/Instagram; BTS/Weverse)
BTS V hosted a 2-minute long Weverse live stream and told fans the exact location of his friendship tattoo (@thv/Instagram; BTS/Weverse)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: There is something about BTS members joking with fans and ARMYs (fans of BTS) playing along with the members. Over the years, there have been many incidents online where BTS members have played pranks on their fans but the most recent chaotic interaction revolves around the boy group's friendship tattoo. BTS members decided to honor their friendship by getting matching number 7s tattooed on their bodies. While RM and J-Hope got tattooed on their ankle and shin respectively, BTS' tattoo buff Jungkook flaunted his 7 tattoo on the back of his ear.

Jimin revealed his tattoo was on his index finger and the oldest BTS member, Jin, shocked fans by going shirtless for the first time in years when he revealed his 7 tatoo on his back. Meanwhile, fans are yet to discover the location of Suga and V's (Kim Taehyung's) respective tattoos, and the two idols have appeared to actually enjoy the chaos around it. This is why when V took to Weverse to reveal the actual location of his friendship tattoo, fans officially lost it.  


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BTS V tells fans the location of his friendship tattoo

BTS V hosted a quick livestream on Weverse on September 25 but soon after the two-minute-long live ended, he took to the Weverse fancafe to chat with fans. Since there has been a lot of suspicion around his friendship tattoo, fans had been constantly asking the singer where he actually got his tattoo matching the rest of the BTS members.


V shocked everybody when he responded to a fan's comment, saying the 7 tattoo was on his left buttcheek, and fans are not sure whether to trust him or not. Back in June, when the BTS members were only discussing the idea of matching tattoos, V told fans that he really wanted to get one. Then, a fan had asked him not to do so but V joked that since it's his body, he can choose what he wants to do with it and stated that he would get the tattoo on his butt. 


'Where's the proof sir?'

Fans have since asked V to share proof of his tattoo, stating that they won't believe him until they see a pic. One fan said, "PROOF OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN." Another responded, "Why do I think he is pranking us!" One fan said, "SFGFSJKSH LEFT BUTTCHEEK? TAEHYUNG PROOF. NOW." Someone added, "Taehyung your proof album ain't enough proof, I need a picture to see if that tattoo on your buttcheek is real." Another fan said, "Then right buttcheek for yoongi HAHAHAHAHAHA show proof taehyung." Someone asked, "Buttcheek?? Where's the proof sir????"

A fan wondered, "I don’t even know if this is a joke or not." Another joked, "HE THINKS HE'S SO FUNNY BUT WHAT ABOUT MY MENTAL HEALTH." One fan said, "I knew it, His tattoo is in his buttcheek." Another pointed out, "Kim taehyung on weverse saying he's testing the button in the app, asking why armys cant do live, said he get the 7 friendship tattoo on his left butt, vmin video call, reminds us that jungkook loves us, & said he's working on his album again bcs he scrapped it! So cute."














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