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Is Blackpink Jennie victim of 'greedy staff'? Insider reveals hacker Gurumiharibo's sources

The hacker has been releasing photos and claiming that Blackpink's Jennie is dating BTS' V
UPDATED SEP 29, 2022
While some of the photos are edited, fans feel some of the photos are real and are urging Blackpink's label to take legal action (@jennierubyjane/Instagram)
While some of the photos are edited, fans feel some of the photos are real and are urging Blackpink's label to take legal action (@jennierubyjane/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: There have been several hackers coming out of the woodworks from late August and claiming to have hacked Blackpink Jennie's private Instagram and iCloud. They have been releasing photos of her and BTS' V claiming that the two K-pop idols are dating. However, hacker Gurumiharibo is at the forefront of starting the whole dating rumor. For a while, the hacker had claimed the initial photos were edits before coming back with a vengeance to make fans believe the dating rumor is real.

The hacker recently leaked an unseen photo of Blackpink's Jisoo in Paris to strengthen their argument that their 'evidence' of BTS' V and Blackpink's Jennie was real and that the two are indeed dating. Well, on September 28, an insider decided to reveal the workings of Gurumiharibo and claimed that it has all been possible due to Jennie's greedy staff who are selling her out. User @twocanplay_ claims the hacker wanted to cause chaos and damage reputations.


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Insider reveals inner workings of hacker Gurumiharibo

The insider tweeted, "There is a group of people. They have compiled their resources and decided to force the companies into addressing the rumors. Their intentions were to create as much havoc as possible, hoping that in the midst of it all, they would push the companies into a corner." They also added that the photos are also from BTS and Blackpink's friends, private accounts, staff, managers and stalkers. They also confirmed that the first few leaks were indeed edits but since the situation has blown out of hand, Gurumiharibo is leaking real photos to prove their credibility.


To prove that they were part of Gurumiharibo's team, the insider shared photos that have previously not been released of other idols that the hacker had allegedly targeted. They claimed that Gurumiharibo initially wanted to just release edits to get HYBE and YG to address the dating rumor between BTS' V and Blackpink's Jennie. OP (original poster) also shared that the hacker was also planning on releasing more edited photos to create a narrative that V and Jennie had gone on a date to Jeju.

'Free other idols and Jennie'

However, fans are also not sure whether to believe OP or not. One fan tweeted, "This account is funny She is dragging other idols like a problem but that is not obvious and she uses old publicated pics to pretend gurumi leaked and then she insist taehyung is used by thie media play and tannie is fake Free other idols and jennie." Another commented, "They way people in the qrts are more focused on their little “dozen” obsession instead of the fact that this insane mf hacked into multiple kpop celebs phones like =\€]+{~ super f**king unserious oml pls grow up talk ab this an other day please i beg." One wrote, "Y’all cracking jokes like any of this is funny and normal this weirdo stays hacking idols posting edits and is still up and at it."




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