TXT's 'Chaos Chapter: Freeze' dominates Billboard charts, No 9 in album sales

TXT’s May 2021 album release ranked at #142 on Billboard Top 200 album list and #9 on the Top 10 Best Selling albums of 2021 so far

                            TXT's 'Chaos Chapter: Freeze' dominates Billboard charts, No 9 in album sales
TXT's 'Chaos Chapter: Freeze' charts for 13 consecutive weeks on Billboard200 (@TXT_bighit/Twitter)

TXT is one of many powerful fourth-generation boy groups, proving their strength in terms of sales. They have also been dominating charts worldwide weeks after the release of their repackaged album. Soon after the release of 'Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape,' TXT members revealed that they are going to release their new Japanese album, ‘Chaotic Wonderland’ which will continue their storyline built around the concept of “chaos.”

The release of ‘Chaos Chapter: Freeze’ back in May of the year 2021 marked TXT’s third full-length album which is still charting on Billboard despite other releases by the band. Marking its 13th week on the chart, the album ranked at #142 on Billboard Top 200 albums chart. Not only that, months after its release the album is #9 on the Top 10 Best Selling albums of 2021 so far.


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TXT for 'Loser=Lover' (TXT/ibighit.com)

TXT tops domestic and global charts

The album has made it to #5 on the first week of its release on the Billboard charts. They dropped to #34 in the second week, and to #82 in its third week of release. Despite having a short-lived moment on the Billboard Top 100 list, TXT’s ‘Chaos Chapter: Freeze’ still held on its position as one of the most loved albums at the moment. The title song of this album, ‘0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You)’ ft. Seori re-entered Melon Daily Chart at #999, becoming TXT’s fifth song to be chart for as long as 108 days.

With their newest repackaged album, ‘Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape’, TXT is competing with themselves, following the footsteps of their sunbaes in BTS. Just like their seniors and labelmates BTS, TXT’s biggest competition is themselves. It was reported that TXT ranked at #358 on Melons Daily Chart spending 35 consecutive days on the chart. This song has now tied with their own song ‘Anti-Romantic’ making it TXT’s eighth longest-charting song on the Melon Daily Chart.





It is no doubt that TXT is doing very well on charts, not just domestically, but internationally as well. The song ‘Loser=Lover’ also spent five consecutive weeks on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart, tying with their debut song ‘Crown’ which was released in March of 2019. This makes ‘Loser=Lover’ their fourth longest-charting song on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. Once they release their Japanese album in November 2021, TXT is sure to make a mark on the Japanese market. Not only that, TXT will be featured on the album created by their Enhypen hoobaes. TXT is said to have worked on one song with their juniors for Enhypen's upcoming full-length album, ‘Delusion:Dilemma’ set to release on October 12, 2021.

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