TXT Soobin slams fan for calling Yeonjun 'chubby' online, MOAs call him 'best boy ever'

TXT's Soobin called out a fan who commented on Yeonjun's weight during a VLive

                            TXT Soobin slams fan for calling Yeonjun 'chubby' online, MOAs call him 'best boy ever'
MOAs call Soobin 'best boy' after he took on a fan while on a live session with Yeonjun and Beomgyu (@txt_bighit/Instagram)

Trigger Warning: Contains mentions of body weight and eating disorder

Idols and body weight have been a sensitive topic for quite some time now. K-pop idols have had this 'ideology' of maintaining a 'perfect' image and that included aspects like body weight, the symmetry of their faces as well as the shape of their eyes. K-pop agencies have been notorious for putting their trainees and artists on extreme diets that included starving for weeks without consuming anything but water, one meal a day diet, one food diet and many more. 

These diets might have been proven successful for their body weight but it has put them through a lot, mentally as well as emotionally. Fans reported events where idols spoke about getting food to their dorm rooms secretively without the staff members knowing because they were on strict diets. They also have been seen fainting because of having no nourishment.


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TXT Choi Line on VLive (TXT/vlive)

Soobin defends Yeonjun

With new ideals of body image and movements like body positivity, K-pop idols have started speaking up openly about their struggles with body image in the industry. On August 9, the Choi line of TXT (Tomorrow by Together) consisting of their leader, Choi Soobin and two other members of the group, Choi Yeonjun and Choi Beomgyu went live on VLive to promote their upcoming new album and greet MOAs.

Everything seemed to be running smoothly before one fan said that Yeonjun looked chubbier than usual, wondering if he had put on weight. This issue was triggering to Yeonjun in a way as he was reported to have been unsatisfied with his body weight in the past and had been working out to be in the best shape possible. As soon as Yeonjun read the comment that called him chubby, he replied saying, “I am not chubby”. Soobin appeared to be shocked and looked at the screen with his jaw dropped and an audible gasp. Beomgyu, who was sitting beside Soobin quickly piped in and said Yeonjun was the same weight as himself.

TXT Choi Line on VLive (TXT/vlive)

Soobin warns fans

Soobin appeared a little shocked at the comment and his demeanor changed a bit. Yeonjun braced the comment well by telling the fans that it is not the right thing to do. Soobin on the other hand called fans out. He said, “Guys, if you think Yeonjun is fat then…” as soon as he said so, Beomgyu interrupted asking him to be careful about where he was going with this but as Soobin continued he asked him to keep going. Soobin went on to add, “When you write comments like this, you must look at yourself first.” Beomgyu laughed out loud at this and took it playfully while Yeonjun appeared proud.

Soobin continued, “Don’t use words like that. I am serious. You do not know how much the members take care of themselves. Comments like that can hurt the members.” Yeonjun also added, “Don’t say things like that”, with a thumbs up and a smirk. Both Yeonjun and Beomgyu agreed with Soobin and shook hands with him complimenting him on his charisma. Soobin followed that by saying, “Of course, especially with Yeonjun as he works hard on his diet.” Beomgyu asserted while Yeonjun concluded by saying, ”don’t say mean things like that anywhere. It is not nice”, as they moved along reading other comments from fans.

TXT Choi Line on VLive (TXT/vlive)

Fans say Soobin best boy

This clip from the entire VLive has, since then, gone viral on Twitter with fans giving kudos to Soobin for being so supportive and vocal about his members’ issues. They praised him by calling him “Best Boy” while others addressed the issue at hand saying, “I'm so proud soobin called it out :) everyone please don't make any comments on weight. Every idol works hard to maintain their body and deit. So, stop it. Know your limit as a fan.” One fan said, “Absolutely love how soobin handled this. He is such a good leader,” and another said, “I’m so glad they took it seriously and spoke on it, not just brush it off and took it as a joke. people talk too freely, specially to idols/celebs,forgetting they’re real ppl too. broke my heart to see yj face and soobin, who’s literally 20 being more mature than whoever said that.”







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