TXT Taehyun confirms August comeback and denies it later, fans say 'keeps getting funnier'

Before Big Hit responded to the TXT comeback news, Taehyun accidentally confirmed the news while replying to a fan message

                            TXT Taehyun confirms August comeback and denies it later, fans say 'keeps getting funnier'
TXT Taehyun responded to a fan message and revealed more than he should (@TXT_bighit/Twitter)

August comebacks are no surprise as several artists have gone on to announce that they will be coming back. Seems like TXT might be in that lineup too. On July 15, Korean news agency SPOTV News exclusively revealed that TXT was reportedly gearing for an August comeback. It has been 3 months since the group’s third studio album ‘The Chaos Chapter: Freeze’ was released.

Fans were wondering when TXT would be coming back and were excited when the news came out on SPOTV. They then went on to Weverse, a K-pop social media app where one can interact with idols and congratulated the members. One of the TXT members, Taehyun, might be in hot water for his response.


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Taehyun confirms TXT comeback

The five-member boy group is under BTS’ label Big Hit Music and Big Hit is notorious for keeping everything under wraps unless they themselves release some news. They had yet to confirm SPOTV News’ report as to TXT’s latest comeback. Unfortunately, Taehyun had no clue whether the news of their comeback was out or not.

So, when fans went on to support the group and cheer them for their hard work, Taehyun replied to one of the messages on Weverse and accidentally confirmed the comeback. While certain companies don’t mind if the idols themselves announce their comeback or spoil it, Big Hit prefers to release official announcements according to their schedule.

On Weverse, a fan asked what did the August comeback mean. Taehyun cheekily replied to the message saying “I told you we’d come back soon.” However, minutes later another Korean news agency said that they’d just gotten off a call with Big Hit. And the agency had responded to the comeback news by saying nothing solid had been decided yet. Taehyun was confused by their answer as he went with the flow and then denied the comeback.



However, this comedy of errors has taken an unexpected turn as another member, Kai has now confirmed it once more. Looks like the members were going through the messages on Weverse. A fan wrote a message for Kai saying that they were excited that the comeback will be during his birthday. Kai ended up agreeing and saying that August will be like a festival.

'It keeps getting funnier'

A fan tweeted, “Not bighit releasing this statement and theres just taehyun with the smiley faces.” Another fan tweeted, “Moas : txt august cb ?? taehyun: yes ofc i can confirm that bighit: TAEHYUN U WERENT SUPPOSED TO taehyun: oh shit wait aug cb who ?? idk idk huening kai : yeah so about that aug cb im so excited !! bighit probably giving tyunning a long lecture rn.” One tweeted, “Its keeps getting funnier taehyun confirmed the news, bighit denied it, so taehyun was confused and denied it also, now huening kai confirmed it again.”

Another tweeted, “Bighit: we will announce once confir- taehyun: yes :3.” One fan wondered how it must be at the HQ right now, “Bighit trying to cover up the txt august cb even though taehyun already confirmed it.” Another fan tried to figure out what was really going on, “Txt hasn’t released a frost mv cause their august comeback might be a repackage of tccf, so they are waiting to release the star seekers mv after they have released the next promotion mv.”