'Today's Webtoon': Kim Sejeong, Nam Yoonsu reenact 'The Witch' fight, fans ask for 'action drama'

'Today's Webtoon': Kim Sejeong, Nam Yoonsu reenact 'The Witch' fight, fans ask for 'action drama'
The actors are no strangers to fight scenes as Sejeong had played a ghost hunter in 'The Uncanny Counter' and Yoon-su had played a bully in 'Extracurricular' (@netflixkr/Instagram, Amazon Prime Video)

‘Today’s Webtoon’, the K-drama version of the popular 2016 Japanese show ‘Sleepeeer Hit!’ and manga of the same name is finally upon us. While the premise turned heads as we have a judo athlete starting afresh as a webtoon editor after an injury, even the cast caught everyone’s attention. Following the immense success of ‘Business Proposal’, idol actor Kim Sejeong was roped in as the female lead On Ma-eum, the rookie editor. As for the male lead, it is none other than rising actor Nam Yoon-su who charmed everyone as the second male lead in ‘The King’s Affection’.

‘Today’s Webtoon’ also hopes to break the usual cliches of a rom-com by depicting the unglamorous side of the fast-paced webtoon industry and Ma-eum’s sudden career change. Well, the premiere surprised everyone as we did get a dark and action scene in the most hilarious way with Sejeong and Nam Yoon-su reenacting the iconic fight scene of ‘The Witch’. While we recently got the much-awaited sequel to the supernatural horror film, no one can forget the action scene between co-stars Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi. And the ‘Today’s Webtoon’ version of it had fans on the edge of their seats.

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Kim Sejeong and Nam Yoon-su reenact ‘The Witch’ fight

Kim Sejeong and Nam Yoon-su went viral after the premiere for their action sequence as Ma-eum visualises a fight scene of a webtoon she is reading. While imagining the scene, we get Sejeong playing Da-mi’s character and Yoon-su in the role of Woo-shik’s character. While fans had already seen Yoon-su as a bully who gets into fights in ‘Extracurricular’ and Sejeong as a tsundere (cold) hunter who fights ghosts in ‘The Uncanny Counter’, ‘Today’s Webtoon’ gave us a glimpse of the two actors’ chemistry if they played evil characters in a project together. It left fans asking for more and trending the scene on social media.


‘So hot for this’

Fans made tweets like, “Both sejeong and yoonsu are so HOT for this.” Another shared, “On maeum's duality for this episode. kim sejeong the actress that you are!” One fan asked, “Nam Yoon Su and Kim Sejeong in an action drama together when??? chour.” Another said, “Give sejeong her enemies to lovers drama NOW! and none of that cute bickering shit i want them pinning each other to the wall trying to actually choke each other and then realising they’re kinda into it.”





One fan posted, “Kim sejeong in this kind of genre will always be superior.” Another requested, “The potential tho give kim sejeong and nam yoonsu another drama with this kind of genre PLEASE.” One fan wrote, “DAMN Kim Sejeong and Nam Yoonsu remaking the iconic fight scene of Kim Dami and Choi Woo Shik in 'The Witch' 🔥This reference was so insane and talk about their fighting stunts and range, it's their genre!”




‘Today’s Webtoon’ airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 pm KST (9 am ET) on SBS, ViuTV and Viki.

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