After Ahn Hyoseop's GOT7 past, 'Business Proposal' star Kim Mingue reveals almost Seventeen debut

After Ahn Hyoseop's GOT7 past, 'Business Proposal' star Kim Mingue reveals almost Seventeen debut
Kim Mingue shared that he had trained with Seventeen for a month (@sbsdrama.official/Instagram, and @pledis_17/Twitter)

‘Business Proposal’ may have ended weeks ago, but it is one K-drama that has still stayed in fans’ hearts. And apart from breaking away from the usual clichés and totally raising standards, it also has the most exciting cast ever with the most unexpected connections to K-pop. AK-drama and K-pop crossover doesn’t happen all the time, but we had several actors who have dabbled in the music industry, from leading lady Kim Sejeong being a soloist and part of girl groups I.O.I and gugudan to Byungchan, who plays her brother, being a member of the currently popular group Victon. If that wasn’t enough, even the male leads Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Mingue have shocking pasts.

While GOT7 fans already know of this, Ahn Hyo-seop was a JYPE trainee who almost debuted with the boy group. Many speculate that he is the trainee who accidentally introduced Youngjae to a naked Bambam. We also got a mini reality show of Jackson and Hyo-seop catching up after GOT7’s debut. In a variety show, the actor had later joked that he didn’t make the cut because he wasn’t a good dancer and was too tall for the lineup. But he isn’t the only one who has a connection with K-pop. And no we do not mean Kim Mingue acting with Blackpink’s Jisoo in ‘Snowdrop’ which was another late revelation for a lot of fans. No, the second male lead of ‘Business Proposal’ trained with Seventeen.


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Kim Mingue trained with Seventeen

Seventeen, another currently popular boy group, could have probably had a different lineup. Kim Mingue, who plays Ahn Hyo-seop’s foster brother and secretary in ‘Business Proposal’, also happens to be a good singer. Mingue had shown off his vocals on the talent-comedy show ‘I Can See Your Voice’ and dished his experience recently. On ‘Radio Star’ he spoke about how he was nervous and had also made it to another singing show ‘Superstar K'. And it seems that he was going in the direction of becoming an idol as he also trained with Seventeen.


The ‘Business Proposal’ star shared that while he only trained for a very short period of time, it was with some of the members of Seventeen, “I don’t know if it is that group but I trained with some people…Seventeen.” When the hosts asked if he would have debuted with Seventeen, Mingue was candid as he felt he would not have made the cut as “I’m not good enough to be a singer and I’m terrible at dancing.”

He shared that he only trained with the K-pop group for a month before quitting as he had a strong desire to act from the beginning. Well, if he would have made it we just might have had two members with the same name – Kim Mingue and our favorite Seventeen giant Kim Mingyu.


Along with them, we also have Bae Woo-hee who plays Sejeong’s initial rival Yura in 'Business Proposal'. Woo-he happened to be an idol before she became an actress as she was part of the second-gen girl group Dal Shabet and later a part of Uni.T. And there’s more. Even Seol In-ah, the second female lead of the show who plays Sejeong’s best friend also trained with Kara’s Youngji.

‘That would be so cool’

Fans loved these connections as they made tweets like, “Thank you for making our actors into idols" - park seonho ✨ahn hyoseop - trained with got7 kim sejeong - ex-ioi and ex-gugudan kim mingue - trained with svt seol inah - trained with kara's youngji so two questions: (1) what's their group name (2) when's the debut date.”

Another joked, “Hyoseop training with got7 and mingue with svt is actually really wild.” One was surprised, “Imagine having 2 kim mingyu’s in svt,, that would be so cool BEDBSNHS actor kim mingue trained with svt before kdjfjemd.” Another was confident, “Mingue would’ve been an idol OMG he would’ve been on SVT for sure been the lead vocalist of the group with voice like that!”





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