Tired Wonyoung has IVE fans worried about her 'too severe' schedule amid constant Paris trips

Tired Wonyoung has IVE fans worried about her 'too severe' schedule amid constant Paris trips
IVE's Wonyoung has had packed schedules every day since September 27 (@IVEstarship/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: IVE's Wonyoung just may be one of the most popular rookie idols at the moment. After she rose to fame in her debut in 2018, she redebuted in 2021 with Starship's new girl group -- IVE. Considered monster rookies, the girl group have had successful releases continuously since their debut and are booked and busy with numerous gigs. Wonyoung herself is hosting a music show while also being a brand ambassador for Miu Miu. But her back-to-back schedules have fans worried about her as she looked tired.

On September 27, after Yonsei University's 2022 Akaraka Festival, IVE's Wonyoung flew to Paris for FRED Paris' first retrospective exhibition during Paris Fashion Week. She went viral for her refreshing visuals and chic outfit. The next day she flew back to South Korea and on September 29 she along with IVE performed at the Chungbuk National University Festival. September 30 is the busiest as she will have to film for 'Music Bank' as the MC and has two more festivals lined up with IVE. On October 3, fans pointed out that she also has a fansign for IVE's latest album.


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IVE's Wonyoung's tiring schedule

If that is not enough, as Miu Miu's brand ambassador, fans wonder if she will have to fly back to Paris again for their show at Paris Fashion Week. After that, IVE has three more university festival performances lined up from October 6th to 8th. Along with Wonyoung's back and forth between Paris and Seoul, fans are also worried about the other IVE members who are constantly performing at university festivals without a day's break in between. Fans are asking Starship to let the girls rest after Wonyoung trended for looking tired on September 29.

'They'll ruin her'

The idol was seen resting on the floor before she stood up and held her stomach while she looked like she was trying to catch her breath. With Wonyoung usually always trying to show her cheery side to fans, many were worried as to how exhausted she must truly be to let her mask slip at a university festival in front of thousands of fans and non-fans. One Knetz said, "They're sending her to Paris as if it was a Busan trip." Another added, "Starship are way too severe.. All their digital albums hit daebak, and they were able to earn good money so I don't think they should be in a rush to earn more money? Why would they make her attend that many events? I hope Wonyoung doesn't get sick and promotes for a long time." One wrote, "Do they think that Paris is a nearby neighborhood? Cut it down already, they'll ruin her body like that."


One fan tweeted, "Korean dives should start moving.... sorry wonyoung's schedule is really not normal??? she's not a robot. she looks so tired at the airport today too, Starship should take the hint and not wait for her to get sick." Another fan added, "Im even tired as hell traveling back and forth to school then study as i arrive home. Cant imagine how tired wy rn. SSE Think! Use your brain! STARSHIP LET WONYOUNG REST." One fan wrote, "Please let Wonyoung rest. She's only 18 years old, have you lost your mind? I've never seen her so tired before. She's a human, not a machine. Don't just think about money and ignore her health. Son of a b*tch."




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