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IVE Wonyoung being credited for styling baby hair has Black fans saying 'it’s not tweety bangs'

With tweety bangs being popularised in South Korea by Wonyoung, Black fans are slamming the erasure of their contribution to the hairstyle
IVE's Wonyoung has been styling her baby hair and calling it tweety bangs for the recent comeback 'After Like' (@IVEstarship, @IVE_twt/Twitter)
IVE's Wonyoung has been styling her baby hair and calling it tweety bangs for the recent comeback 'After Like' (@IVEstarship, @IVE_twt/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: With K-pop idols being popular and having a huge influence over South Korea and global fans, certain trends do start from them like the money piece hair, finger hearts, and techwear. However, IVE’s Wonyoung getting credited for styling her baby hair and calling it tweety bangs has Black fans frustrated.

The latest trend in South Korea happens to be styling baby hair into curled edges and calling them tweety bangs thanks to IVE’s Wonyoung popularising the name. While she may not have explicitly taken credit for it, the way she spoke about it has created a misunderstanding with Black fans being tired of the K-pop industry doing cultural appropriation and taking away their credit.


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Wonyoung's tweety bangs have Black fans frustrated

On September 2, Knetz on the popular Korean gossip platform Pann claimed that styling baby hair and calling them tweety bangs had become all the rage in the country due to IVE's Wonyoung. The K-pop idol also came online and spoke about it. She said, "My tweety bangs...Isn't it cute? I'll have them all throughout 'After Like' promos. It was my idea, I definitely like them. I like the name too. Tweety was my nickname as a kid." IVE fans say that Wonyoung was not claiming ownership of the edge styling but simply saying that it was her idea to style her baby hair for the recent comeback 'After Like' and nicknaming it tweety bangs.


However, fans are asking her not to call it tweety bangs as edge styling has been a very old trend all over the world, especially among the Black community. With Black fans often being ignored by K-pop idols by doing cultural appropriation, they hope Wonyoung popularising the trend in South Korea won't erase the history of styling baby hairs which was majorly done among those with natural hair. 


'She doesn't deserve credit'

One fan tweeted, "Wonyoung clearly has no bad intents but someone needs to tell sister that those r edges not tweety bangs .. like if someone gets a fancall yall needa tell ha." Another fan posted, "Wonyoung got mfs in korea calling edges tweety bangs DAMN YOU." A Wonyoung stan said, "And no one is trying to send hate to her I’m wonyoung biased but she doesn’t deserve credit for “tweety bangs” when she didn’t create them."




One found it hilarious that a TikToker wanted to cut their bangs to get tweety bangs, "The likes 😭🫠 Wonyoung tweety bangs HAHAHHA." Another added, "Being a black kpop stan is so tiring because why tf are y’all calling wonyoung’s baby hairs tweety bangs… like be f**king for real rn." One added, "Its not tweety bangs its called baby hair perm ur both loud and wrong."




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