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IVE the fastest and second girl group to get million-seller album, fans say 'rookie of the year'

According to Hanteo Chart, K-pop group IVE got a million-seller album 9 months after debuting
IVE has also crossed a total of two million sales with only 3 single albums (@IVEstarship/Twitter)
IVE has also crossed a total of two million sales with only 3 single albums (@IVEstarship/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: While TWICE and Itzy fans were fighting over the title of the second million-selling girl group, IVE snuck in and grabbed the title. 'Monster rookies' IVE debuted in December 2021 and were commended for the fact that all of their comebacks were a hit. However, their latest single 'After Like' is their best-selling comeback yet. It had the highest unique listeners on South Korea's main music streaming platform MelOn for a fourth generation group and also did well physically. The album has become a million-seller according to Hanteo Chart.

The album is breaking records constantly as IVE got their 136th real-time all-kill by charting on all major South Korean charts like MelOn, Genie, FLO and Bugs. If that wasn't enough, after beating 'Kings of K-pop' BIGBANG during their previous comeback, IVE won against the likes of Blackpink and TWICE on music shows with 'After Like'. And with Hanteo Chart being extremely strict about their album sales tracking that even Blackpink couldn't crack, IVE is the second girl group following aespa to cross million sales according to this chart.


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IVE the second and fastest girl group to get million sales

On Friday, September 2, Hanteo Chart announced that IVE had crossed one million sales for 'After Like'. The album also had the highest first-day sales and first-week sales for the girls as it had crossed 460k and 920k sales respectively. It also makes IVE the fastest girl group in history to get a million-seller album having debuted only nine months ago. They also hold the record for the highest first-week sales record for rookie groups who debuted in 2021-22. 

On Friday, September 1, it had also been announced that IVE had crossed a total of two million sales on Circle Chart with all three of their single albums. IVE has also made a record on Circle Chart as well. Following Blackpink's 'The Album' and aespa's 'Girls', IVE's 'After Like' has crossed 1.08k million according to Circle Chart's tally. These achievements are even more special since IVE is the only girl group who is not from a Big 4 K-pop label (JYPE, YG, SM or HYBE) unlike Blackpink, aespa, Itzy and TWICE. However, with Itzy and TWICE following closely behind with over 940k sales, fans of girl groups are excited for female acts to take over K-pop. 

'A monster rookie group'

Fans just couldn't stop smiling. Taking to Twitter, one of them said, "I remember how we got so nervous bcs ive will comeback the same month with bp, twice & snsd. we know it was a challenge but ive managed to get a rak, almost a million sales, millions of views, and theyโ€™re just breaking records left and right. just rookie of the year behavior." Another fan added, "Ive definitely a monster rookie group like they're about to make 1 million album sales in a span of their 8 months career." One fan posted, "And people are still doubting they won't snag all them ROTY awards."




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