‘The Voice’: Kelly Clarkson SHOCKED after Cunningham Sisters pick her, here's why

‘The Voice’: Kelly Clarkson SHOCKED after Cunningham Sisters pick her, here's why
Marie and Macie of The Cunningham Sisters in 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)

Kelly Clarkson was on a roll during Round 4 of ‘The Voice’ Season 21 blind auditions. After bagging the four-chair turn Holly Forbes, the renowned singer and coach in the singing reality show got lucky with a teen duo called The Cunningham Sisters. So far Team Kelly has contestants namely Girl Named Tom, Kinsey Rose, Carolina Alonso, Gymani, and Jeremy Rosado.

The Cunningham Sisters include Marie and Macie and they identified themselves as the “pop-gospel artists” from Ohio. The young singers crooned ‘Never Alone’ to try their luck at ‘The Voice’ blinds and managed to impress Kelly and fellow coach John Legend. Social media users, who kept a sharp eye on the reality show, soon took to Twitter to express their happiness of them representing Ohio and finally cruising through the blinds with ease. 

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Kelly Clarkson shocked as The Cunningham Sisters picks her

The Cunningham Sisters’ rendition of ‘Never Alone’ made Kelly Clarkson turn her big red chair the quickest as a very elated John Legend too followed her in the pursuit. The latter even stood up and jammed as the duo continued their audition. Ariana Grande, who did not turn around at all, figured it out later that it was a duo and not a solo artist. Speaking of Blake Shelton, the country music legend too stayed out of the hunt for this one.

The two-chair turn was more than enough for the duo as both Kelly and Legend tried their best to convince the teenagers to pick them as their coach to continue the rest of their ‘The Voice’ journey. Interestingly, we all assumed they will go for John Legend as their montage showed how big fans they were of the R&B crooner. However, The Cunningham Sisters shocked the Internet after they picked Team Kelly over Team Legend. Kelly Clarkson was stunned too as she could not believe the duo picked her as she raced towards the stage to give a warm hug to the duo.






‘Thought Kelly was about to do a cartwheel’

The fans of ‘The Voice’ rushed to Twitter as they expressed their views on The Cunningham Sisters picking Kelly Clarkson as their coach. “I love the Cunningham Sisters before hearing one note” claimed one user as another chimed in and added, “Cunningham sisters they are from my home state of Ohio and I'm am a Ohio resident and they kinda of remind me of your last duo in hello Sunday and I'm am interested in watching there journey on the voice show and see them grow as artist @kellyclarkson.”
The next one added, “These Cunningham sisters on The Voice!!!! They can sing. I hope they make it far.” One user tweeted, “I thought Kelly was about to do a cartwheel over the fact the Cunningham Sisters picked her.” Meanwhile, one person got emotional and said, “Crying happy tears…im so happy to see my home state being represented in a positive way for once! team cunningham sisters!” Another shared, “The Cunningham Sisters are so cute! They both sounded great and then came together to raise the roof. So much support and love. Very moving.”  And, one concluded, “They are so good. @kellyclarkson gonna coach them well like she did with Hello Sunday. I really love how Kelly just thought she lost then just sipping some water. Then…."we pick Kelly". I really love Kelly's reactions whenever she got picked. Priceless.”















‘The Voice’ Season 21 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.

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