‘The Voice’ Season 21: The Joy Reunion choose Team Blake, fans call act ‘uplifting’

The trio mesmerized the coaches with the track Boondocks” by Little Big Town and impressed Blake Shelton the quickest

                            ‘The Voice’ Season 21: The Joy Reunion choose Team Blake, fans call act ‘uplifting’
The Joy Reunion on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)

The third round of ‘The Voice’ Season 21 blind auditions returned on Monday on NBC and just like always, all the four coaches got the contestants whom they felt were right for their respective teams. While Ariana Grande and John Legend took early leads in the last episode, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton had four members each until the latter got another one with the trio The Joy Reunion in the latest episode.

The Joy Reunion is a band of three members i.e. two men and a woman and they label their music as “California Country” which also gives a little hint of pop music. The trio on the show mesmerized the coaches with the track ‘Boondocks’ by Little Big Town and impressed Blake the quickest as he was the very first one to turn around by pressing the big red buzzer. Ariana and Kelly decided to sit this one out. John too seemed impressed with their thrilling performance as he showed equal interest in picking the trio for his team.
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The Joy Reunion picks Team Blake

The Joy Reunion features singers and guitar players and since country music is Blake's stronghold since the very beginning of the show, it was assumed that the trio might go for Team Blake and guess what, that’s exactly what happened. While John had to face a little disappointment, the country legend was more than happy to get The Joy Reunion on his team. Blake promised the trio to take them to the finale and it could be the reason they picked the singer with the most ‘The Voice’ wins to his name.  The Joy Reunion was also the first artist on Team Blake on the third episode of the blind auditions.  




‘Their voices meld into one another and still stand out’

Social media users, who were keeping a sharp eye on the singing reality show, took to Twitter to express their view on the trio joining Team Blake. “I get fair vibe from the Joy Reunion folks”, said one user as another added, “The Joy Reunion, a trio, bringing their joy to #TheVoice #VoiceBlinds their voices meld into one another and still stand out. I can hear each one distinctly. This was so uplifting.”
The next one added, “The Joy Reunion is a VIBE don't know if they will ultimately do well on #TheVoice BUT THEY HAVE MY EYES TRAINED FOR.”
“The Joy Reunion!! They were always smiling when I saw them! Amazing group!!” Another user tweeted, “You would have snagged them even if you didn't say anything.” Another viewer on social media concluded, “They were really good.”














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