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Who is Joshua Vacanti? John Legend blocks Ariana from picking 'The Voice' contestant

John immediately blocked Ariana leaving the new coach feeling 'brokenhearted' and 'personally attacked'
UPDATED SEP 22, 2021
John Legend, Joshua Vacanti and Ariana Grande in 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)
John Legend, Joshua Vacanti and Ariana Grande in 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)

The block button on 'The Voice' can be a double-edged sword. New coach Ariana Grande learned that the hard way when her fellow coach John Legend used it to block her from trying to add Joshua Vacanti to her team. 

Joshua Vacanti's performance to 'Into the Unknown' grabbed both Ariana and John's attention who were smitten by the Broadway-quality to his voice. Ariana felt an instant 'cosmic connection' with Joshua, while John recognized how difficult it is to perform that track and was willing to go any lengths to ensure he got Joshua on his team. So, when both Ariana and John turned their chairs for Joshua's performance eager to get him on their team, John immediately blocked Ariana leaving the new coach feeling 'brokenhearted' and 'personally attacked'. If you're curious to know more about Joshua then read on.


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Who is Joshua Vacanti?

Joshua is a 28-year-old from Lockport, New York. In his introduction segment he revealed how he has never done anything like this before and that he was both nervous and excited to be auditioning for 'The Voice'. He then shared how he was put on steroids when he was a child due to his asthma. But those steroids ended up making him bulky. Joshua was always passionate about singing which earned him the nickname of 'big boy that sings'.

But Joshua soon got tired of his weight becoming his identity and decided to make some changes to his lifestyle. From a person who never had any vegetables in his diet to adding so many vegetables in his diet to the point that he is almost vegetarian, Joshua did everything to become healthier and take charge of his life. All his efforts clearly paid off as he looks pretty healthy and happy today.


Joshua's bold decision to perform a challenging song like 'Into the Unknown' impressed both John and Ariana. Although he is part of Team Legend, fans are convinced that he would have joined Team Ariana had she not been blocked. A fan tweeted, "Joshua looks like he really wanted to be team Ariana #TheVoice." Another fan wrote, "JOHN DOESNT DESERVE JOSHUA ARIANA DOES BRO #TheVoice." "Joshua trying to convince himself he’s happy to be on team legend #thevoice," joked a fan.





Many fans also pointed out that Ariana would steal Joshua at the first opportunity she can get. A fan shared, "Ariana will STEAL Joshua at THE FIRST opportunity #VoicePremiere." "Joshua had better BRING IT in the Battles, because if he loses, Ariana is going to poach him off of John! #VoicePremiere," seconded a fan. "Joshua Vacanti sounded really good, and his story could get him a lot of fans if he makes it far enough. Singing a Frozen song took some guts. John made a good choice. ," a fan shared. "You got a good one. @johnlegend Joshua is everything! #VoicePremiere," agreed another fan.





Do you think Joshua Vacanti would be better off on Team Ariana rather than Team Legend? Let us know.

'The Voice' Season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.