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‘The Voice’ Battles: Did Chavon Rodgers snub Ariana Grande after losing to David Vogel?

Ariana Grande helped Chavon Rodgers and David Vogel prior to their battle with a little assistance from her close pal Kristin Chenoweth
Chavon Rodgers and David Vogel on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)
Chavon Rodgers and David Vogel on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)

The battles premiere on The Voice’ Season 21 aired on Monday, October 11 and witnessed a lot of drama as two contestants from each team locked horns in order to move to the knockouts. The seventh episode saw Ariana Grande first getting Katie Rae opposite Bella DeNapoli followed by Chavon Rodgers locking horns with David Vogel.

Chavon and David, who are huge rock music lovers, belted out Fall Out Boy’s hit single ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down’.  Ariana helped the two out prior to their battle with a little assistance from her close pal Kristin Chenoweth. John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson praised both the contestants for their singing abilities. However, the latest battle between the two singers proved to be a little controversial after Chavon went back home after losing to Vogel.
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Did Chavon Rodgers snub Ariana Grande?

While Vogel revealed he absolutely loves rock music, Chavon had a few doubts before they hit the stage. Kristin even asked the latter to focus on his enunciation before he heads out for the battle. It seems his nightmare proved to be real as Vogel completely stole the show while it appeared as if Chavon struggled with his voice clarity. All the judges including Ariana praised the two, however, the global pop star, in the end, picked Vogel over Chavon.

While the rest of the three judges had the option to steal him, all of them refrained from doing so as Chavon headed back home. The showdown got a little controversial after the singer left the stage despite Ariana asking for a hug which left her a little emotional. Chavon was already on his way backstage when the incident happened. We then saw Kelly Clarkson quickly filling up Chavon’s shoes as she rushed to hug Ariana.

Soon the Internet was abuzz with the theory that Chavon was clearly mad and snubbed Ariana on purpose. Looking at the drama picking up heat on the Internet, the singer took to his official Instagram account and set the record straight for once and all. “Hey guys! Just wanted to clear something up. I totally did not see Ariana getting up to hug me. I had my eyes down and was headed offstage after I was able to thank her for everything”, said Chavon. He further stated, “When I got backstage, a producer told me what happened and I was devastated. Ariana is so amazing and I am so grateful to her for everything. I love her so so much.”




‘Chavon definitely saw Ariana he just mad’

Social media users rushed to Twitter as soon as they saw Chavon missing out on Ariana asking for a hug. “@ChavonRodgers I bet you're feeling kinda dumb for not hugging Ari, where you saw her or not. Dang dude”, said one user as another chimed in and stated, “I don't think we could judge about what really happened. Ari confirmed it to herself that there wasn't any rude cases.”
The next one posted, “He snubbed her. please y’all need to bring Nick back”, as another mentioned, “Kinda mad she didn’t pick chavon but don’t tell her i said that.” One user tweeted, “Ariana Grande stans eating chavon alive is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while.” Meanwhile, one person claimed, “Chavon definitely saw Ariana he just madddd.” Another added, “Just cried again when ari was crying like i can’t not cry whenever she does i love and adore your voice soooo much @ChavonRodgers  i hope you got that hug with @ArianaGrande that she wanted!! can’t wait to see what you do in the future Chavon.” While, one user concluded, “Chavon didn’t hug Ariana the disrespect #TheVoice.”










‘The Voice’ Season 21 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm PT/ET on NBC.