'The Voice': Cunningham Sisters picked over Parker McKay, fans call it 'huge mistake'

'The Voice': Cunningham Sisters picked over Parker McKay, fans call it 'huge mistake'
Cunningham Sisters and Parker McKay on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)

It's the final night of the battles round on 'The Voice' Season 21, and things are heating up. Coach Kelly Clarkson decided to pit Cunningham Sisters against Parker McKay for performing to 'It's My Party'. Although Kelly was initially unsure about if the pairing would work, once she sat down with the trio during the rehearsals she was convinced that she made the right decision.

The Cunningham Sisters who hail from Ohio were beyond ecstatic at the thought of being mentored by Kelly and took every feedback that she gave them pretty seriously. Parker, on the other hand, was pleased with the song selection as she felt that it resonated with her current situation pretty strongly. She explained how she lost her mother just two months ago and is still grieving. All the three singers left Kelly impressed during the rehearsals, so the coach was expecting a spectacular performance during their final performance on the stage.


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You can check out Parker McKay and Cunningham Sisters' performance here:


As expected all the three singers perfectly complemented each others' vocals and sang harmoniously. By the end of their performance, the coaches- Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, and John Legend were spoilt for choice when it came to picking their winner. Blake and Ariana praised the trio but leaned towards Cunningham Sisters as their winner as they felt that the sisters had immense potential and talent to tap into. John picked Parker as he felt that she had been pretty consistent with her singing. 

It was finally time for Kelly to make her final decision and pick the winner. After some deliberation, Kelly explained that she was going to go with her gut and picked the Cunningham Sisters as her winner. Unfortunately, since none of the coaches hit the steal button for Parker, her time on the show was up. While the coaches seemed pleased with Kelly's decision, fans however weren't happy about it and felt that Parker should have been declared the winner of the battle.

A fan tweeted, "No one saved Parker?! Wow how disappointing #TheVoice." "WOW Kelly actually picked The Cunningham Sisters to WIN the Battle -- PARKER NOT STOLEN AND IS ELIMINATED #TheVoice #VoiceBattles," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "I felt so bad for Parker. They didn’t talk about her performance at all #TheVoice." "Parker was amazing!!! What were you thinking??? @kellyclarkson #VoiceBattles," questioned a fan.





Cunningham Sisters on 'The Voice' (NBC)


"Huge mistake to let Parker go! Cunningham sisters are cute but not THE Voice I’m afraid #TheVoice," declared a fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "@kellyclarkson #VoiceBattles this show is called ‘the voice’ not the voices. Parker should have won the battle." "@kellyclarkson #VoiceBattles Parker is a pro No middle schoolers do it better Two against one come on Kelly," expressed an unhappy fan.




Parker McKay on 'The Voice' (NBC)


'The Voice' Season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC. 

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