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'The Voice' Knockouts 2022: Camila Cabello picks Devix as winner, angry fans say 'Did you hear Steven sing?'

Camila Cabello upsets 'The Voice' fans with her knockouts winner pick by crowning Devix winner instead of Steven McMorran
Steven McMorran, Camila Cabello, and Devix on 'The Voice' Season 22 (NBC)
Steven McMorran, Camila Cabello, and Devix on 'The Voice' Season 22 (NBC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: New coach Camila Cabello is once again at the receiving end of the audience's wrath. After being called out for her poor song choices in the earlier battles round, 'The Voice' coach is now being criticized for her winner choices.

For the knockouts round, the 'Havana' singer paired Steven McMorran, Devix, and Andrew Igbokidi against each other. With Andrew being a four-chair turn artist, Steven being the recipient of the coveted save lifeline, and Devix's consistently exceptional performance, Camila had her task cut out for her. All three artists picked songs that played to their strengths and managed to deliver an impeccable performance. So when it was time for Camila to choose the winner, she was understandably left feeling confused and anxious. 


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You can check out Devix's 'The Voice' Knockouts round performance here:


After praising all three performers, Camila named Devix as the winner, as she felt that his tone, and vocal quality paired with his exceptional song choice, made him the undisputed winner of the round. While Camila seemed satisfied with her choice, 'The Voice' fans, however, didn't share the same sentiment. Many fans felt that Steven should have been picked as the winner instead of Devix, and were surprised by the coach's decision.

A fan tweeted, "@camila_cabello #TheVoice Steven was MUCH better than Devix! Bad move on your part, my dear . . . ." "@camila_cabello #TheVoice you just made the wrong choice, Devix was good but not better then Steven or Andrew," wrote a fan. "@camila_cabello #TheVoice Steven should have won over Devix. I felt sad for him because he sounded so bad and Steven so good," commented a fan. "@camila_cabello #TheVoice really devix over steven ?!?!?!" questioned a fan. 





'The Voice' Season 22 coach Camila Cabello (NBC)
'The Voice' Season 22 coach Camila Cabello (NBC)

Another fan shared, "@camila_cabello #TheVoice I think Steven win that’s hands down. Sad to see him go." "@camila_cabello #TheVoice I have to say it shocked me that you picked Devix. I was really rooting for Steven. In the app Steven got the most votes. I guess we all got a shock," expressed a fan. Another fan declared Camila's decision as a "big mistake" with, "Big mistake not keeping Steven!! He could've went ALL of the way!!@camila_cabello #TheVoice." "WRONG choice! Did you hear Steven sing? He was amazing. @camila_cabello #TheVoice," echoed a fan.





'The Voice' Season 22 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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