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'The Voice' 2022: Who is Tanner Howe? Camila Cabello fails to turn chair as singer sounded like her ex Shawn Mendes

'I thought that was Shawn!' Camila Cabello is heard saying as Tanner Howe sings during his audition
Camila Cabello and Tanner Howe in 'The Voice' Season 22 Episode 4 (NBC)
Camila Cabello and Tanner Howe in 'The Voice' Season 22 Episode 4 (NBC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: There’s no doubt there’s plenty of musical drama taking place on NBC's hit series ‘The Voice’. Between the judges or the contestants, viewers get to witness it all firsthand. But who would’ve thought there would be some slight drama with an ex on the show? Well, Camila Cabello didn’t think that either. Until contestant Tanner Howe decided to show up.

Tanner, a California native, was the first contestant to audition in ‘The Voice’ Season 22 Episode 4. He performed Camila’s famous ex Shawn Mendes’ song 'Mercy' and as soon as he started singing, Camila’s first response was to compare his voice to her ex, Shawn Mendes. He made Blake Shelton turn, followed by Gwen Stacy and then John Legend. Camila was the only one who didn’t turn for the singer.

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Who is Tanner Howe?

A Huntington Beach native, Tanner Howe has performed live ever since his elementary school days. The 29-year-old from California has played various small venues and calls himself an independent artist. He also dances a little and thought ‘The Voice’ would be a great platform for him to take his career to the next level.

Tanner on 'The Voice' Season 22

Tanner decided to audition with ‘Mercy’, a song by the Canadian popstar, heart-throb Shawn Medes, who also happens to be Camila’s ex-boyfriend. Camila and Shawn’s romance was the center of media coverage for the entirety of the relationship. But the two decided to break up and go back to being good friends. So Camila turning for someone that sounded exactly like her ex was doubtful. Perhaps it’s sad memories or she just wanted to avoid the unnecessary drama, Camila noted her reason for not turning being that his voice was a little bit too much like Shawn's and she thought Tanner would like a coach with whom he can distinguish himself better. Gwen, Blake and John then went on to compete over Tanner and he ended up picking Gwen after she told him she had a strong quality in his voice and sounds like an artist on a record label.


Fans too took to the Youtube video posted by the show to comment, “He's very comfortable on stage, lot of intent, emotionally invested. Love this song and he def did it justice. Camila thought it was Shawn Mendes when he started.” While one added, “Camila is holding her feelings” noting Camila’s feelings and another said, “ He did a great job on that song by Shawn Mendes! Great singer too!” A fan said, “Who else heard camila say is that my, is that Shawn” while one more noted, ““I thought that was Shawn!” Girl…bffr he sounds amazing btw, I would have for sure turned I just don’t think he sounds like Shawn Mendes at all like Camila girl that was a reach” One fan said he sounds better with, “His voices is better than Shawn actually..” As one responded with a joke, “Camila: Shawn! Stop trying to win me back, it's over!” 

Watch Tanner Howe's audition below:


'The Voice' Season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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