'The Umbrella Acacemy' Season 3: How did The Umbrellas lose their powers?

'The Umbrella Acacemy' Season 3: How did The Umbrellas lose their powers?
A still from 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 (Netflix)

Contains spoilers from 'The Umbrella Acacemy' Season 3

The third season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is available for streaming on Netflix and fans are excited to see what the show has in store for them this time around. With the introduction of the Sparrows, things get even more challenging for the Umbrellas. Over the course of ten episodes, we get to know that it was Reginald Hargreeves who was once again trying to use every single member of the team for his own personal gains.

If you have been closely following the trailers of Season 3, you might have realized that it’s not the same timeline that Umbrellas are actually from. This is a new timeline and it’s being protected by a team called The Sparrows. Most of the Sparrows die when the Season reaches halfway and the only two remaining members of the team are Ben (Justin H Min) and Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez). In the end, Reginald offers to help and tells all the Hargreeves siblings that he has a way to reset the timeline and make everything fine again. Although they don’t believe him, it’s the only chance they have if they want to return to their original timeline.


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So, he tells them about Project Oblivion which might help them in achieving what they want to. But, what is Project Oblivion? And why did they need it to survive? Let’s take a look.

A still from Season 3 of 'The Umbrella Academy' (Netflix)

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3: What is Project Oblivion?

The third edition of the Netflix series is filled with lots of ups and downs and secrets. Every member of the Umbrella Academy does everything to contain the black hole, but it’s a very difficult task for them to do. In the end, they fail to contain the black hole and it keeps on wreaking havoc by eating away everything that comes in its way.

Unfortunately, the only way to reset the timeline is to follow what Reginald said and that’s the only the task can be accomplished. But we know that Reginald can’t be trusted, so they are not ready to trust him.

The old man tries convincing them by telling them that he discovered a secret portal that opened into another dimension and that’s why he made Hotel Obsidian around it so that he can work on the secret portal and try finding out what’s on the other side. When Diego and Lila go to the other side, they find out that there is a different version of Hotel Obsidian, known as Hotel Oblivion. The plan is to defeat a Guardian in the Hotel Oblivion, who is protecting the portal and the seven bells. The only way to reset the timeline is to kill the guardian and ring the seven bells.

Colm Feore as Reginald Hargreeves in 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 (Netflix)

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3: Did they say yes to Reginald’s plan?

The group gathers and decides to vote if they want to go on this mission or not. Most of the people want to stay and don’t want to go ahead with the plan, so the plan gets disapproved.

A few moments later, we see Reginald stabbing Luther with an alien sword and killing him. However, he told everyone that it was the Guardian of that Secret Portal who killed him. Meanwhile, the Kugelblitz has become so big that it destroys Hotel Obsidian. In order to save themselves, they run into the tunnel of Hotel Oblivion. However, Reginald stops Klaus from entering the tunnel and forces him to dive onto the buffalo’s horn. Klaus gets killed way before the hotel gets destroyed by the kugelblitz.

Luther and Klaus meet each other in the afterlife where Luther forces Klaus to get back to the land of the living and tell others about Reginald’s betrayal.

Luther and Klaus Hargreeves in a still from 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 (Netflix)

In the tunnel, Reginald tells others that they are looking for different symbols, which are called sigils. They split into teams and look for the symbols, but Reginald rings one bell that makes three guardians attack the teams. During the fight, Five kills the first guardian while Lila and Viktor kill the second one.

Five was about the kill the third guardian, but it cuts off Five’s hand before he could kill it. At that moment, Luther returns to the land of the living and injures the last remaining guardian. However, Luther is unable to stay there for a long time and says goodbye to Sloane before returning back to the afterlife. As soon as the last guardian gets up, Five notices seven stars on the ground and tells everyone to stand on each other the stars. They do that and combine their powers to kill the last guardian.

But Reginald takes advantage of that situation and takes away all their powers to switch on some alien machine. The entire plan was made by Reginald and he wanted to sacrifice all of them to make the machine work. He gave it the name ‘Project Oblivion’. Reginald always wanted to do that and that’s why he chose these seven people on October 1, 1989.

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3: Did Reginald get successful in draining their powers?

Although he failed to make the machine work and Allison decided to kill Reginald before her friends died, the Umbrellas seem to have lost their powers. When everyone got out of that timeline and reached a new timeline together, they got to know that they were not able to do stuff that they were able to do in recent history.

Soon, we find that they have lost their powers, making us realize that Reginald was able to drain their powers from them before getting killed.

'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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