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'The Cleaning Lady' Episode 4: Fans slam Garrett as he threatens to deport Thony

Garrett gets more desperate by the minute in his quest to incriminate Arman leading to him constantly scaring Thony with deportation
Oliver Hudson as Garrett Miller in 'The Cleaning Lady' (FOX)
Oliver Hudson as Garrett Miller in 'The Cleaning Lady' (FOX)

Spoilers for 'The Cleaning Lady' Episode 4 'Kabayan'

Another Monday night and FOX returns with a new episode of the thriller that's captivating many fans' hearts. That's right for those who waited impatiently 'The Cleaning Lady' is back and brought more drama.

Previously in the third episode of 'The Cleaning Lady' we saw Thony De La Rosa agree to work as an informant for Garrett from the FBI, and while snooping she notices many things that may help bring Arman down. But she too is beginning to play smart and keep mum about it and continues to work cleaning up crime scenes in order to secure treatment for her seriously sick son. The episode ended with Thony receiving the bad news of her son not being cleared for the clinical trial leaving her more desperate than ever. Here's what happened in the fourth episode of 'The Cleaning Lady' and how fans reacted.


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Episode 4 saw Agent Garrett Miller(Oliver Hudson) bring in Thony and tell her that he knows she's not fully cooperating and threatens her that lying to a federal agent is a felony. Doing this he forces her to plant a spying device to record the talks at Arman's (Adan Canto) business meetings. Making it clear she does not have her choice he forces her to do his bidding, which later sees her gather evidence at the casino. In the same episode looms her constant worry about getting the donor for Luca's transplant to donate after he backs out. This sees Arman be concerned and even help her out herself, kidnapping the donor for her.

While Arman always seems to care, Garrett's constant treatment of threatening Thony was not appreciated by fans. He repeatedly warns her about being deported and hen he finds her necklace at her scene, he is extremely frustrated. The preview for the fifth episode sees an ICE raid at Thony's place of work, and it seems he was not full of idle threats. Fans were extremely angered by his behavior and this is what they had to say.

A fan said, "This can’t be good for Garrett. He’s playing dirty and that’s going to catch up to him and I hope its quick. #thecleaninglady", while another added, "Arman needs to put Garrett in the deep fryer next. Can’t stand him #TheCleaningLady". A tweet read, "Have I said that I hate Agent Garrett? Because I do! #TheCleaningLady".

Yet another viewer commented, "I really, really dislike Garrett. #TheCleaningLady", while another echoes the sentiment saying, "Oh how Garrett gets on my nerves #TheCleaningLady". A tweet also read, "i wanna slap the s**t out of garrett #TheCleaningLady".







'The Cleaning Lady' returns Monday at 9 pm ET on the FOX channel.

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