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'The Cleaning Lady' Episode 1: Thony begins a double-life cleaning up crime scenes

Thony's life takes a dark turn after being witness to murder with the desperate mother now being forced to work with criminals
Elodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa in 'The Cleaning Lady' (FOX)
Elodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa in 'The Cleaning Lady' (FOX)

Spoilers for 'The Cleaning Lady' Episode 1'TNT'

'The Cleaning Lady' just had its much-delayed premiere on FOX and the crime thriller is already garnering good responses from audiences. The new show follows the hard life of Cambodian immigrant Thony De La Rosa (Elodie Yung) who is sucked into a darker world that turns her life upside down.

Thony is living illegally in Vegas with her sister-in-law Fiona (Martha Millan) in order to get her son who suffers from a rare immunodeficiency disorder treated. Although she is a smart doctor back home, in the States she has to work as a cleaning lady due to the risk of deportation. With an exciting pilot episode, read on to know how Thony gets pushed into committing to a new responsibility in FOX's latest drama.


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Thony who works as a cleaning lady while on a job witnesses the murder of an acquaintance Theo, but unfortunately gets caught when her phone rings. After she's dragged to the front in a moment of desperation she says, "I'm just a cleaning lady, let me clean this for you," so that her life is spared. When she displays superior knowledge and does a thorough job of cleaning up the blood, Spanish mobster Arman Morales (Adan Canto) takes a shine to her but lets her go when she mentions her family.

After the traumatic event, her visit to the stem cell research hospital is unfruitful as her visa is expired making her sick son ineligible for a donor in the USA. That's when she spots Arman's man Mateo stalking her and demands to meet him. On meeting Arman, she tells him straight she wants nothing to do with this business but he convinces her and offers her a job with good pay. The mobster also has higher connections with a doctor which gets her son easy access to treatment.

Armed with a burner phone and cleaning tools, Thony now begins her gritty new life cleaning crime scenes for the sake of her son. No more toiling over only toilets for the doctor as she has blood to clean as well now. Keeping in mind the dangers of her new job after nearly dying in an explosion she has Arman promise to take care of her son if anything happens to her. Thus begins, Thony's new life of crime.

'The Cleaning Lady' returns every Monday at 9 pm ET on the FOX channel.