The Boyz's Juyeon is 'Artist of the Month' for Sept: Release date, how to watch video

Juyeon will be this month’s dedicated artist for Mnet’s ‘Studio Choom’ YouTube channel

                            The Boyz's Juyeon is 'Artist of the Month' for Sept: Release date, how to watch video
Juyeon from The Boyz will appear on September 2021's 'Artist of the Month' on Studio Choom (Studio Choom/YouTube)

After making a thrilling comeback in 2021 with ‘Thrill Ride’, The Boyz’s Juyeon is ready to get his fans awestruck with a new 4K High Definition performance as he is named ‘Artist of the Month’ for September. Mnet Digital Studio, released a spotlight video for their ‘Artist of the Month’ series on their YouTube channel, ‘Studio Choom’, on September 15, announcing Juyeon’s appearance on this month’s feature.

The Boyz were also seen on the dance variety show, ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ as they competed against a few other groups from the second, third and fourth generation of K-pop where they came second after the winners, Stray Kids giving them a tough fight solidifying their place as strong performers in the K-pop scene. With Juyeon leading the group’s dance performances, fans are ecstatic to see Juyeon perform solo as a dancer on Studio Choom’s ‘Artist of the Month’.


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Juyeon is this months Artist of the Month on Studio Choom (Studio Choom/YouTube)

Studio Choom

Studio Choom is actually a K-pop channel that specializes in only showcasing Idols choreographies with high-quality close-up performances. They choose their Artists of the Month who prepare a special dance cover for the fans. Since October 2020, the ‘Artist of the Month’ feature, Juyeon’s appearance this month will mark the first anniversary of the concept. The spotlight video teases his upcoming appearance on the show.

The September Artist of the Month video featuring Juyeon will air on September 17 (Studio Choom/YouTube)

Date and time

Studio Choom’s ‘Artist of the Month’ feature for September 2021 featuring Juyeon from the K-pop group, ‘The Boyz’, will air on September 17 while the documentary video will air on September 29 on Studio Choom’s official YouTube channel.

How to watch

The video will be available on the official YouTube channel of Studio Choom.

Juyeon is set to perform Billie Eilish's 'You should see me in a crown' (Studio Choom/YouTube)


The spotlight video caught a lot of attention which shows scenes from the original performance video as well as a documentary video of an interview with him. In the documentary, fans will be able to hear stories and his thoughts about his work with Juyeon in the center. The concept of ‘Artist of the Month’ has been going on for quite some time now.

With this performance, Juyeon will show his moves as he dons a wolf cut mullet that shows off his sexiness and charms as he is set to perform Billie Eilish’s ‘You should see me in a crown’. In the documentary to air a week after the release of the performance, Juyeon talks about his story of his childhood and growing up as well as about him overcoming a slump in his career.

Watch the teaser video below:


The last few artists to appear on Studio Choom’s ‘Artist of the month were ITZY’s Chaeryeong for August 2021, TXT’s Yeonjun for July 2021, and Ateez’s Wooyoung for June 2021.

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