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The Boyz drop 'Thrill Ride' music video, fans call it the 'most thrill-ing comeback'

The Boyz return with their 6th EP 'Thrill-ing', dropping the music video for the lead single 'Thrill Ride' where we see them enjoying themselves in a summer-themed music video
The Boyz in 'Thrill Ride' music video (THE BOYZ/YouTube)
The Boyz in 'Thrill Ride' music video (THE BOYZ/YouTube)

The Boyz dropped their sixth Korean EP ‘Thrill-ing’ after eleven whole months. The 11-member boy group was last seen on the survival show ‘Kingdom’ and then released the UNIVERSE single ‘Drink It’. It’s also been a while since the K-pop group had a summer release with a fresh and fun comeback. After 'Giddy Up' and 'Bloom Bloom', they’ve been favoring dark and mysterious concepts with intense music. But with ‘Thrill-ing’, we see them return to their older concepts that fans had missed. 

‘Thrill Ride’ is the lead single of the six-track EP. Co-written by the rappers of the group, Sunwoo and Eric, the song is bright and upbeat with hip-hop sounds and constant change in the melody to express the thrill we get while riding a rollercoaster. It should also be pointed out that group member Q participated for the first time in writing the lyrics for the track ‘Out Of Control’.


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The Boyz's 'Kick' concept for 'Thrill-ing' (Creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter)

‘Thrill Ride’ music video

When we first got the concept photos and the music video teaser, fans already knew that they would be in for a ride with ‘Thrill Ride’. With the release of the music video, they were absolutely right. The music video has a vibrant set-up as The Boyz holiday at a hotel, enjoying themselves at a swimming pool, playing at an arcade and having fun in general.

With trendy dance moves in the choreography and incorporation of props, the music video has several highlights. As mentioned before, there are sudden changes in the melody - from New starting the second chorus with his soft vocals to Juyeon and Juhaknyeon taking the lead in the prechorus full of swagger. The song, as well as the music video, is unpredictable as again seen with Sangyeon’s high note in the bridge which paves the way for Sunwoo’s whispered rap.

The Boyz in 'Thrill Ride' mv (THE BOYZ/YouTube)

Fans couldn’t keep their excitement in as they trended hashtags related to the group at #1 on worldwide Twitter trends before an hour of the release. After the release, they trended several members at #1 like Sunwoo and Q’s real name Changmin as they stole the spotlight. Even Q's track ‘Out Of Control was’ in the top 10 Twitter trends.

Watch the music video below.


'Thrill-ing' breaks The Boyz's records

The album was also pretty fun and dynamic with haunting tracks along with cheery summer bops as one tweeted, “I JUST FINISHED LISTENING TO THE WHOLE ALBUM AND NOW IDK WHATS MY FAV ANYMORE ??? had an entire breakdown hearing merry bad ending but out of control started playing and im in a mess ????? HELLO BEST ALBUM ?????” Another fan tweeted, “Out of control is such an unexpected sounding song?? It's incredible.” One tweeted, “OMG THIS IS IT!!! THRILL RIDE SCREAMING SOTY!!!”

‘Thrill Ride’ charted on Genie and MelOn, while it ranked at #2 on Bugs chart. It was also revealed that in 20 minutes of its release, the album had over 118k sales. This means that the group has sold a total of 1 million copies of all of their albums according to Hanteo chart. Additionally, the EP was at #1 on iTunes in 10 different countries.




'Cannot be real life'

Fans also took to hyping each member up as they couldn’t get enough of them. One Hyunjae stan tweeted, “After watching Thrill Ride, I can only say one thing for sure, Jesus take the wheel.” A fan loved that Q was the centre in the dance break and tweeted, “GO CHANGMIN GO CHANGMIN.” Another tweeted, “PINK HAIRED SUNWOO!!?$ THIS CANNOT BE REAL LIFE.” One tweeted, “I THOUGHT I WAS LOYAL UNTIL THRILL RIDE JUYEON HAPPENED TBZ MOST THRILL-ING COMEBACK.” Along with Sangyeon’s high note, fans also couldn't get over his fit as they tweeted, “HE LOOKS SOO GOOD.”





New opening the bridge with his verse was everything, “Guys... I died in this part.” A Kevin stan tweeted, “Everything about this kevin look is perfect. the outfit. the hair. the accessories. Everything.” One tweeted, “This part when haknyeon pop up from jacob’s back is so cute.” Another tweeted, “Jacob’s adlibs in the beginning of the song.” Fans were also shocked when they realized that the one-second shot of someone’s abs in the music video belonged to none other than Eric, “WHAT. THE.” One tweeted, “SO OBSESSED WITH THIS YOUNGHOON PART.”






Listen to the whole album here.