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'Juyeon in a crown' rocks Artist Of The Month, The Boyz fans dub transitions 'insane'

Studio Choom released The Boyz Juyeon’s dance cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’ for September’s ‘Artist Of The Month’
Juyeon for 'Artist Of The Month' (Studio Choom/YouTube)
Juyeon for 'Artist Of The Month' (Studio Choom/YouTube)

Studio Choom, the YouTube channel full of 4K quality performance and choreography videos, is back with their popular ‘Artist Of The Month’ series once again. Their ‘Be Original’ has pushed the K-pop content channel to new heights of fame as fans eagerly wait for their favorite idols to promote their latest releases on Studio Choom. The ‘Artist Of The Month’ allows selected group members and soloists to shine with original choreography. And September’s ‘Artist Of The Month’ is Juyeon of The Boyz dancing to Billie Eilish's 'You Should See Me In A Crown'.

Previously, Chaeryeong from Itzy was the ‘Artist Of The Month’ for August. Juyeon’s edition was already much talked about when the teaser first dropped on September 15. The Boyz member was seen sporting a mullet and while he’s had long hair for magazine photoshoots, fans have never seen him perform in such a hairdo and were excited. To top it off, it seems that he has two personas as his past self that struggled through an artist’s block and his current self fight for dominance with the current self winning the crown.


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Juyeon for 'Artist Of The Month' (Studio Choom/YouTube)

The Boyz Juyeon is ‘Artist Of The Month’

Juyeon explained that he selected Billie Eilish’s ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’ because he wanted to use the reverberation in his dance and the transitions which he executed flawlessly. He explains that dance is liberating for him and frees his mind from cluttered thoughts. This can be seen through how he has a messy grunge look with a mullet for his past self and as his present self emerges victorious he has a slicked-back hairdo and is wearing a sharp suit.

Juyeon for 'Artist Of The Month' (Studio Choom/YouTube)

Juyeon also uses other elements to weave his story as seen with the intricate choreography, the small but detailed gestures and even the lighting. The first half is full of puppet likes moves with a slumped posture as if Juyeon is not in control of himself with a single spotlight on him while the rest of the space is highlighted in red. In the first beat drop before the chorus, we get a glimpse of the current, successful, famous Juyeon to come as the grunge past Juyeon dances to the first chorus.

Juyeon for 'Artist Of The Month' (Studio Choom/YouTube)

In the second verse, we see the current Juyeon as the light changes to a warm orange, but he’s still seen struggling as the backup dancers use controlling gestures. As they disappear through glitches and Juyeon escapes them, the last beat drop takes us to the present Juyeon, now a victor, in a feathered crown and white gothic ruffled shirt. The strobe lights are in sync with his hand movements as he is the one who controls the dancers. With the song ending with Billie singing "watch me make 'em bow," Juyeon kicks the camera as if making the viewers bow.

Watch the performance below:


'Main character'

Excited fans trended ‘you should see me in a crown’ with posts like, “You’ve grown so much and you’ve come so far. You’ll always be our main character. We’re so proud of you,” “We really just get to watch this for free??” and “Jaw is literally on the floor juyeon has such great control over his body from his sharp yet isolated movements to his facial expressions ,, just down to every detail HES INSANE.” One fan said, “Juyeon doing this transition!!” while another said, "the transitions were just as insanely good as the performance itself". Another commented, “Juyeon, you will always be the main character. not just september's, but every single day. proud of you.” “YEP.. NO ONE CAN MOVE ON FROM THIS JUYEON IN A CROWN,” said a fan. One wondered if Juyeon had also included a different story to tell, "That I want more power to achieve what I want This is my world and I'm going to rule it so You Should See Me In A Crown."