TXT’s Yeonjun is Studio Choom’s ‘Artist Of The Month’, fans dub him 'dance king'

Studio Choom released TXT's Yeonjun's dance cover of Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar' and Ed Sheeran's 'Blow'

                            TXT’s Yeonjun is Studio Choom’s ‘Artist Of The Month’, fans dub him 'dance king'
TXT Yeonjun as Studio Choom's 'Artist Of The Month' (STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube)

Studio Choom is a Youtube channel full of dynamic and 4K quality performance videos. It has risen to a new level with artists and companies vying to promote their newest comebacks with them. Known for filming in such a way that the choreography of the artists is always accentuated, fans have started to look forward to their faves appearing on the channel while others are disheartened when they don’t. 

They specialize in high-quality videos, endlessly filming the choreography in different angles with close-ups of the artists that leave fans breathless. Their perseverance has paid off as their newest segment is much talked about. Studio Choom introduced 'Artist Of The Month' where one idol, male or female is chosen. And the latest candidate happens to be TXT’s Yeonjun.

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TXT's Yeonjun is 'Artist Of The Month'

As 'Artist Of The Month', the artist then goes on to have a special dance performance where he or she covers iconic songs with a personalized choreography that shows off their strengths. IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon was the very first 'Artist Of The Month' while TVXQ’s Yunho was the first male artist selected.

TXT's Yeonjun is the third male artist and the second 4th-gen male artist to be selected as 'Artist Of The Month'. It should also be noted that TXT was, in fact, the first K-pop group to perform for Studio Choom's original series. As for Yeonjun, he has been chosen for the month of July and performed a mashup of two songs. On July 16, Yeonjun’s dance cover of Harry Styles’ ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Blow’ ft. Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars were released.

The performance starts in a mellow, laidback way as Yeonjun dances solo in front of a mirror. As there’s complete silence after the first chorus, one realizes that there is a storyline. The performance tells us the story of a young Yeonjun who dreams of becoming an artist and as he stops in front of the mirror and looks at a magazine with his face on it. We are then taken to the present where we realize that he has achieved his dream as he is a successful idol. The theme is perfect as Yeonjun fiercely dances to Sheeran’s pop-rock song, ‘Blow’.

The performance video is the fastest 'Artist Of The Month' performance video to reach one million views as of date. It was achieved within eight hours of its release. It is also the fastest 'Artist Of The Month' performance video to have the most likes with over 400k likes in 12 hours. MOAs are excited as the video hasn’t even reached its 24 hours mark yet.

‘He ate it’

Fans were in awe as they couldn’t get over the cover. One MOA tweeted, “I just wanna say choi yeonjun has tremendous control over his body. He really is such a talented performer and he did an amazing job.” Another tweeted, “Yeonjun dance is on another level, sexy hot and cool at the same time..i like when he did backflip.. Anyway, i just knew there's a move to sweep the floor... the floor he used for dancing must be clean after that, wow!! As expected our dance king!!” One tweeted, “Cute n hot at the same time. he ate it.” Another MOA tweeted, “EVERYTHING ABOUT #AOTM_YEONJUN PERFORMANCE IS JUST STUNNING AND BREATHTAKING. LIKE AT SOME POINT, I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE THAT I HELD MY BREATH CUZ I WAS TOTALLY FOCUSING ON THE VID. HIS POWER IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL. YJ'S A LEGEND FOR A REASON. HE'S 4TH GEN IT BOY FOR A REASON.”





Watch the performance below: