12th Incheon K-pop Concert: Air date, where to live stream and idol line-up

12th Incheon K-pop Concert: Air date, where to live stream and idol line-up
The 12th INK Concert's line-up includes the likes of aespa, NCT 127, ONF and STAYC (SBS/Naver, @aespa_official, nct127, @stayc_highup/Instagram, @wm_onoff/Twitter)

Also known as INK Concert, the Incheon K-pop Concert is an annual music festival that began in 2009 to promote the Incheon Korean music wave and the 'Visit Incheon' 2009 campaign to promote the city’s culture.

Previously it was held at Incheon’s Munhak Stadium and was broadcast live by MBC on their channel. Since its launch, iconic K-pop artists like SHINee, Girls’ Generation, EXO, BTS and miss A have performed at the concert.

But due to the pandemic, the 2020 version was held online and streamed on YouTube for free. It was hosted by NCT’s Jaemin and Itzy’s Chaeryeong while artists like GFriend, Astro and The Boyz had participated. This year’s edition will be held similarly online but the program will also include Incheon’s charms and tourist locations through XR technology. They’ve also roped in celebrities to introduce the segments which will provide fans with an immersive experience.

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The 12th INK Concert will be held on September 25 (SBS/Naver)

Air date and time

The 12th Incheon K-pop Concert will be held on September 25 at 7 pm KST (6 am ET).

Where to stream

One can live-stream the concert on The K-POP's official YouTube channel for free. Organized by SBS, it will also be available on INK Concert’s website, their VLive and the U+ Idol Live app.


The concert will be hosted by NCT’s Jeno and fromis_9’s Baek Jiheon.

NCT’s Jeno and fromis_9’s Baek Jiheon as MCs (@nctdream, @officialfromis_9/Instagram)

Idol line-up

NCT 127

They will be appearing while promoting their upcoming studio album 'Sticker' which will be released on September 17.


The Boyz

They were last seen during the release of their sixth Korean EP ‘Thrill-ing’ in August and will be having a joint concert with Ateez on September 17. They will also be appearing at KCON:TACT HI 5 the next day on September 26.

The Boyz's 'Kick' concept for 'Thrill-ing' (Creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter)


The rookie girl group will be appearing while preparing for their first mini-album ‘Savage’ set to be released on October 5.



The rookie girl group has been gradually dominating K-pop with their latest release ‘Stereotype’ which got them their first music show win.




The girl group seems to have gained the new height of fame after management changed with Hybe and Pledis taking over fromis_9. From landing new gigs to getting music show wins, the girls are also participating in the concert while their member Jiheon will be MCing it.



The boy group is on several shows and events promoting their third comeback of the year ‘Popping’. They were also recently awarded at the 2021 Brand of the Year Awards with the ‘Hot Trend Male Idol Group’ award.



The soloist has already got his fandom buzzing with hints of a comeback after he changed his social media layout. He has already graced us with new music by releasing ‘Lullaby’ for the Baverse documentary and now it looks like he has a chance to perform it live at the INK Concert.



They are yet again another group that joined the summer rush by releasing their first studio album ‘OK Prologue: Be OK’ in August and are currently promoting it at music shows.



The girl group is set to have a comeback quite soon and so fans hope that they will announce or at least spoil it during their appearance at the INK Concert.



They came back with ‘Gas Pedal’ in August and fans have dubbed them as monster rookies as they have won several rookie of the year awards and their first music show win five months after their debut.



Having debuted in June 2021, fans are excited that the rookie boy group are already having their second concert at a music festival with the first being at the ‘Together Again, K-Pop Concert’ in July.


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