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'The Afterparty' Episode 5: Chelsea and Aniq's reason for hating Xavier REVEALED

The 'nobody' of the class recollects what went down at the 2006 Saint Patrick's Day party revealing the damage Xavier caused to Chelsea and Aniq
Ilana Glazer as Chelsea, Dave Franco as Xavier, Sam Richardson as Aniq IN 'The Afterparty' (Apple TV+)
Ilana Glazer as Chelsea, Dave Franco as Xavier, Sam Richardson as Aniq IN 'The Afterparty' (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for 'The Afterparty' Episode 5 ' High School'

The fifth episode of Apple TV+'s comedy-mystery 'The Afterparty' is finally here and this time it takes the viewers back to high school in 2006 when the characters were teens in all their awkward glory.

A key mystery that remains undisclosed in 'The Afterparty' is what exactly went down at the senior Saint Patrick's Day party that led to Chelsea (Ilana Glazer) and Aniq (Sam Richardson) hating Xavier (Dave Franco). Their grudges remain a key component in solving the case as they may reveal possible motives for murder. Frustrated at being in the dark Detective Danner(Tiffany Haddish) finally gets the group to spill on what happened, with Walt (Jamie Demetriou) volunteering to narrate the events.


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The episode hilariously shows just how invisible Walt was and is to everyone as he recounts the party that, in fact, took place at his house. Always in the background, he was in the know of things and but never part of them. We see a teenage Aniq and Yasper (Ben Schwartz) walking up to the entrance with Yasper saying that his and Xavier's taste in music doesn't match and that their ska band isn't working out causing him to break up the band. This hurts Xavier and when Yasper says that Aniq says so as well, it leaves him pissed and blaming Aniq.

Meanwhile, Aniq who was crushing on Zoe (Zoë Chao) prepares a mixtape for her, but before he could give it to her at the party, his pants are pulled down and he is shoved in the pool by an angry Xavier. Embarrassed he goes in before she can see him.

Still wallowing in sadness Xavier strikes up a conversation inside with Chelsea who just broke up with Ned (Kelvin Yu). The two chat and get drunk which sees Chelsea get dizzy and suggest a lie-down to recover a bit. The two go to the bedroom together causing everyone at the party to assume that they're going to hook up. While laying down Xavier comes onto her but she puts a stop to it clarifying that she never gave him any signals of any sort and this was the first time they actually spoke. A disappointed Xavier leaves the room and when asked by everyone if they hooked up lies and adds to the lie saying it was a three-way when Walt who was in the room's bathroom comes out as well.

When Chelsea comes out she finds out about the fibs but everyone is already assuming she is an easy girl with her friends shaming her as well. At the same time after Brett (Ike Barinholtz) claims the mixtape as his own which causes Zoe to kiss him, Aniq is left angrier than ever. Blaming Xavier for losing out on his chance with Zoe he smashes Xavier's brand new car leading to a fight between the two. When the police show up and break up the two, Xavier is let off immediately as the police officers know his father but accost Aniq. They ask Xavier if he wants to press charges to which he replies in the affirmative despite Aniq requesting him not to as it will cause him to lose his scholarship. 

In this way due to Xavier, Chelsea was labeled a horrible person losing out on all her friends leading her to be an outcast while Aniq who had worked so hard to get a scholarship to the prestigious Stanford University lost out on it as well as the chance to be with the girl who could have potentially been the love of his life, leading to them developing a grudge toward him.

New episodes of 'The Afterparty' premiere every Friday on Apple TV+.