'The Afterparty' Episode 2: Is Zoe's disgruntled ex Brett the true killer?

Just as Danner gets done with questioning Aniq, Brett's suspicious behavior makes him the second person to be interrogated

                            'The Afterparty' Episode 2: Is Zoe's disgruntled ex Brett the true killer?
Ike Barinholtz as Brett in 'The Afterparty' (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for 'The Afterparty' Episode 2 'Brett' 

'The Afterparty' just dropped on Apple TV+ and the three-episode premiere saw the show dive right into the murder investigation of popstar Xavier (Dave Franco) whose body is found on the rocks below his house during a high school reunion afterparty.

The Apple TV+ show saw various possible culprits with Aniq(Sam Richardson) being the prime suspect and the first to be questioned. Although fingers were pointed at him, each perspective is important and Detective Danner(Tiffany Hadish) will be questioning everyone. Just as the first episode was ending we see Detective Culp(John Early) apprehend one of the classmates Brett(Ike Barinholtz), who was found sneaking out to the car. With his suspicious behavior, Danner chooses him to be questioned next. Read on to know what happened in the second episode of 'The Afterparty' and whether Brett's account of the events incriminated him.


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Episode 1 saw Aniq find a torn note that could help find the culprit and at the same time, Brett is chosen to be questioned next. Brett's account is like that of an action hero who is set out to win back his love and we learn that he is separated from Zoe (Zoë Chao) with whom he shares a daughter, but refuses to sign the divorce papers. At the reunion party, he considers Aniq a zero-level threat but sees Xavier as the one to protect Zoe from. Xavier being the arrogant person he is taunts him about having sex with his ex and puts on the charming act, later leaving with her for the afterparty at his house.

Danner brings up Aniq's account and how he said he'll kill him but Brett says that's not what happened. Turns out he was just trying to get back his daughters' stuffed koala back from a drunk Aniq and didn't even intend to go to the afterparty. But for his daughter's sake, he reaches Xavier's house where he ends up getting back the toy but not before pushing a high Aniq into a table. When he spots Zoe with Xavier, he goes upstairs next to confront him where he has an argument as well which upsets Zoe. 

He later makes up with Zoe and admits to his problems even agreeing to sign the divorce papers. At the end of the episode, he spills that the reason he was sneaking out is that his daughter is out and asleep in the car and that Zoe would be mad at him if she knew since he lied about their daughter being at home. He, unfortunately, was at the house when Xavier's body was discovered and was stuck here right before he could leave. Although his account just made him come off as a worried father, this was Brett's perspective and he could very well still be the killer. Only time will tell, so keep watching for what happens next.

'The Afterparty' premiered 3 episodes with new episodes to follow each Friday on Apple TV+.

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