'The Afterparty' Episode 1: A murder probe and loverboy Aniq is the prime suspect

'The Afterparty' Episode 1: A murder probe and loverboy Aniq is the prime suspect
Sam Richardson as Aniq in 'The Afterparty' (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for 'The Afterparty' Episode 1 'Aniq'

Apple TV+ just dropped the first three episodes of 'The Afterparty' and fans can finally tune in to the mystery-comedy series! The show follows a murder investigation after the body of the pop star and actor Xavier is found.

'The Afterparty' sees a talented cast of comedians and actors as the unique characters that are the suspects in his murder. Each of them will narrate their own viewpoint of the events that transpired before the death of Xavier (Dave Franco). Read on to know what happened in the first episode of the Apple TV+ comedy and who comes out as the first one to be suspected.


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The first episode of the series begins as we see Aniq (Sam Richardson) pull up to his high school for the reunion party as he looks at an email from one of his old classmates Zoe (Zoë Chao) who had written about looking forward to seeing him. The next scene shows us a man, revealed to be Xavier, a pop star and actor falling to his death as we dive into the story. Detective Danner (Tiffany Haddish) is quick to the scene and will be investigating the case that she determines is a murder. The chaotic and messy house sees many of the classmates be the suspects, which is when Jennifer 1 (Tiya Sircar) says that they all know it was Aniq who killed their classmate Xavier, adding that Indigo (Genevieve Angelson) saw him at the crime scene.

Diving into her account of the events that transpired, we see Aniq pissed at being pranked with him assuming that it was Xavier's doing, when in fact it was not. He angrily goes upstairs to confront him which is when a scream is heard and the others discover his body on the rocks. Indigo walks upstairs to find Aniq at the scene where he looks scared and guilty. Danner cuts off her dramatic black and white movie narration as she says that's her account, but either way, the fingers are being pointed at Aniq with him being the first to get questioned.

In his questioning, he reveals that yes, he came to the reunion for love and wanted a second chance with Zoe but Xavier ruined everything as she always has. He goes into a detailed account of how Xavier was trying to get Zoe into bed despite knowing that Aniq liked her and went on to embarrass him in front of her. He narrates that before coming to the afterparty, he heard Zoe's ex Brett (Ike Barinholtz) yell that he'll kill anybody who tries to touch her. He goes on to say that before arriving he got high on weed gummies and alcohol but before he could confront Xavier he passed out. He said the last thing he remembers is Brett getting into a fight with Xavier when he sees Zoe with him. The moment that he woke up and saw his face scribbled on in the empty room is when Indigo found him. Danner concludes that his rivalry with Xavier and everything he said points to him being the murderer and suspects him of faking the fact that he passed out. That's when we see Brett trying to sneak out and it looks like he's hiding something.

'The Afterparty' premiers with 3 episodes on January 28 with new episodes to follow each Friday on Apple TV+.

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