'The Afterparty': Tiffany Haddish's top 3 funniest moments on screen

Grammy Award winner for Best Comedy Album Tiffany Haddish returns in the hilarious avatar of Detective Danner in Apple TV's comedy series

                            'The Afterparty': Tiffany Haddish's top 3 funniest moments on screen
Tiffany Haddish in 'Girls Trip' (Universal Pictures)

Apple TV+'s newest comedy series 'The Afterparty' follows the humorous investigation into the murder of a pop star who is found dead following an afterparty at his high school reunion. Each and everyone has a motive and is a suspect in this funny new watch.

'The Afterparty' meshes various genres depicted by each character and the cast consisting of talented comedians and actors are set to take you on a confusing journey on the way to discover the culprit. The Apple TV+ show is led by none other than the talented comedian Tiffany Haddish who plays Detective Danner who leads the investigation. She is known for leaving people in splits throughout her flourishing career, so here is a compilation of some of her funniest moments on screen!


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1. Ghost Pepper Catastrophe - 'Like A Boss'(2020)

Haddish stars in the 2020 comedy as Mia the best friend and co-business owner of a cosmetic company alongside Mel (Rose Byrne) with the duo being a chaotic mess. Out of all their friends who are married the two remain single and wild. The scene shows the whole gang getting together for a quiet and composed sushi-making class, but things go wrong as Mia messes up the quantity of a dangerous ingredient. Instead of just a sliver of ghost pepper, she adds more and the heat hits her as the rest remain perfectly fine. What follows is a hilarious scene of Haddish dry heaving, freaking out and almost throwing up as her friends desperately try various tricks like stuffing her mouth with bread, doing the Heimlich maneuver, and more as she weeps like a baby. The hilarity ends with her on the can complaining of her butt burning.



2. Instilling knowledge through fear - Night School (2018)

'Night School' is a comedy flick that sees Kevin Hart's Teddy struggle to get a GED. We meet Tiffany Haddish who plays Carrie Carter, Teddy's unorthodox teacher who's various wild methods to teach her dyslexic student with concentration issues leaves you in splits. This scene shows her quizzing him albeit using a very violent method. Bringing him into a boxing ring she asks him questions and when he falters engages him in WWE-style bodyslams and punches forcing him to think fast. As he stutters she kicks him about making for a funnily aggressive scene.



3. Fired but not really - Girls Trip(2017)

The 2017 comedy is what skyrocketed Haddish's rising career as she was hailed to basically be the best part of the movie. She played Dina, the loud happy-go-lucky friend who is a party animal. The scene that happens toward the beginning was the cherry on top for more comical happenings to come. Following a physical altercation with a co-worker who accidentally ate her lunch, Dina is called in by her head and fired. But in an innocent and idiotic manner, she assumes being 'let go' as not being in trouble. Even after the clarification she openly dismisses whatever is being said and even cheekily says she'll be going to a fest with her friends and will take time off to party hard. Smilingly she says she'll be back to work Tuesday, she walks out and threatens her co-worker saying, "Snitches get stitches". Disregarding everything her boss says she leaves him helpless making for a chuckle-worthy scene.



'The Afterparty' premieres with three episodes on January 28 on Apple TV+ with new episodes to follow weekly.

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