Jade Cline's mom says show ruined her family, 'Teen Mom 2' fans say it 'was ruined way before'

Jade Cline's mom says show ruined her family, 'Teen Mom 2' fans say it 'was ruined way before'
'Teen Mom 2' stars Christy Smith and Jade Cline (MTV)

One of the major plotlines of 'Teen Mom 2' Season 10 was Jade Cline and her surgeries. The reality star decided to make some changes to her body as she was unhappy with the way her breasts and butt looked. She believed that getting surgery would boost her confidence, so decided to fly down to Miami and undergo her surgery. Jade wanted her family by her side so that they could help her with recovery.

Jade's mother Christy Smith worked as a surgical nurse, so the 'Teen Mom 2' star felt that having her mother by her side would be a great help with her recovery. While Jade's boyfriend Sean Austin could take care of their daughter Kloie. Unfortunately for Jade, things went straight south as soon as she got out of the surgery. While she was crying out in excruciating pain for painkillers, her mother disappeared with the painkillers prescription for hours. Jade believed that her mother left her to die.


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'Teen Mom 2' star Jade Cline (MTV)

Christy came back later and told everybody that she got late as she couldn't find the painkillers at any pharmacy. Jade and Sean had their concerns over Christy's behavior since she has addiction issues. Although Jade tried to give her mother the benefit of doubt she couldn't shake off the question of why her mother didn't go and get the medicines while she was inside in the surgery. This became a major point of discussion during the reunion.

Jade revealed that she stopped talking to her mother as she felt that she needed to set boundaries and heal herself. So, she refused to sit with her mother during the reunion, but sat backstage and watched her mother. At the reunion, Christy immediately declared that the show 'ruined' her family and expressed regret over agreeing to film for the show. She was then asked why she disappeared for so long with the prescription. Christy again repeated the same story of not finding the painkillers at any of the pharmacies. When the host asked Christy why she didn't pick up the medicines during the surgery, Christy immediately replied saying she received the prescription after Jade's surgery was done. When the host continued to drill Christy about the prescription she finally cracked and agreed that she got the prescription before the surgery, but refused to share any reason saying it wasn't going to serve any purpose at this point. 

When fans watched Christy at the reunion they were far from pleased with her. Fans pointed to Christy that the show didn't ruin her family, but her addiction did. A fan tweeted, "Christy, did television or drugs ruin your family? #TeenMom2." Another fan wrote, "Christy honey, your family was ruined way before this show. The show just shines a light on the issues. #TeenMom2." "Christy is the living worst… and you can tell her I said it. WE ARE TIRED. #TeenMom2," commented a fan.




Jade Cline's mother Christy Smith at 'Teen Mom 2' reunion (MTV)

Fans also felt that Christy was lying about not finding medicines at the pharmacy. A fan shared, "I feel like jade's mom is lying. Who does that to their daughter #TeenMom2." "Jade's mom is lying #TeenMom2," seconded a fan. Another fan pointed, "Christy is adamant they didn't give her the prescription...then changes her story "uh, you know what maybe they did, idk happened" #TeenMom2."




'Teen Mom 2' Season 10 is available for streaming on MTV.

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