Jade Cline's mom Christy Smith slammed after she disappears with 'Teen Mom 2' star's pain medication

'I think Jade's mom & her boyfriend got the percs and getting high with them!' commented a fan

                            Jade Cline's mom Christy Smith slammed after she disappears with 'Teen Mom 2' star's pain medication
'Teen Mom 2' star Jade Cline's mom Christy Smith has vanished with her daughter's pain medication prescription (MTV)

Jade Cline's desire to look perfect is turning out to be way more painful than the 'Teen Mom 2' star anticipated. The reality star was shown getting ready to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift and liposuction. She decided to get her elective procedures done in Miami, so her family and boyfriend Sean Austin accompanied her to help her out with recovery post-surgery.

Jade always shared a rocky relationship with her parents, especially her mother Christy Smith and step-father Corey. So it came as a surprise to many to watch the 23-year-old bring on her parents for support considering they both are still recovering drug addicts. Christy was addicted to painkillers, so she had to be extra cautious when it came to caring for her daughter post-surgery. Jade did considerable research before her surgery, figured out that it would be very painful, and shared the same with her parents and boyfriend Sean. Her co-star Briana DeJesus stepped in to help Jade with her recovery. Thankfully, the surgery went without any hiccups and Jade was released from the hospital to go back home, but Jade's worst nightmare was only beginning to materialize. The nurse clearly instructed her parents that they could begin administering her pain-medication- precocene after an hour of the surgery. 


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After dropping her off at home, Jade's parents took the prescription and left to pick up her medications. Sean was anxiously waiting for their return while juggling between taking care of Jade and their daughter. But when they didn't return even after an hour, he began to get worried. Briana reached their home just in time and was appalled on learning that Jade didn't get her medication yet and also when she saw all the bruises and the excruciating pain that her friend was in.

Nobody could reach Christy either. When they finally did get a hold of her, she began bawling saying that they had been driving around town trying to pick up her prescription but couldn't find it anywhere. Sean refused to believe them and felt that they were definitely up to something while Jade was feeling worse at the thought that her mother let her down yet again when she needed her. 

Briana requested Christy to return home with the prescription so that somebody else could try to get it. Christy agreed and shared that she was an hour away and would return home. While they were waiting for Christy, Jade's pain only got worse. The producers and executive producer of the show stepped in to help out Jade. They explained that it might be a good idea for Jade to go back to the hospital so that she could get the care she needed, but left the decision to the reality star, She agreed with them and asked for an ambulance. The episode ended with an ambulance's arrival and Jade's parents were still nowhere in sight.


When fans watched Christy disappearing with Jade's prescription, they too agreed with Sean that she was lying about not finding the medicines. A fan tweeted, "Jade mom is straight out lying half of the people that are in Miami are going to get surgery so they are going to have the medication 9 times out of 10 at the pharmacy #TeenMom2."

"Also if a pharmacy is out of a drug at that location they can tell you which one of their locations has that particular drug so Jade’s mom is full of sh*t! #TeenMom2," seconded a fan. Another fan wrote, "I think Jade's mom & her boyfriend got the percs and getting high with them! #TeenMom2." 





Fans also felt that Jade shouldn't have entrusted her parents with picking up her painkillers considering their history with drugs. A fan shared, "Wasn’t she supposed to get the medicine before the surgery AND her mother is a drug addict?! HELL NAW! #TeenMom2."

"Jade having her parents pick up pain killers for her. Not the best idea. They’re both addicts #TeenMom2," pointed a fan.




'Teen Mom 2' airs every Tuesday at 8/7c only on Bravo. 

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